Estonian Air expands Tallinn route network

  • Estonian Air launched five routes out of its Tallinn (TLL) hub during the first two days of the summer scheduling season; four of which are to the neighbouring countries Finland and Latvia, and one which is to the more distant Austria. In Finland, the airline now serves the country capital Helsinki (HEL) 18 times weekly as of 26 March. The short 100-kilometre hop across the bay is operated with 33-seat Saab 340 aircraft in competition with Finnair’s 34 flights a week. The airline last operated the route in 2009. Estonian Air also began serving the Finnish regional airports Jyväskylä (JYV) in central Finland, which is served seven times weekly (daily on weekdays and twice on Sundays) with CRJ900s, and Joensuu (JOE) in the east of the country four times weekly with Saab 340s. The airline’s new flights to the capital of neighbouring Latvia – Riga (RIX) – are operated 17 times weekly with Saab 340s in competition with airBaltic’s 49 flights a week, while the new route to Austria’s capital Vienna (VIE), a distance of 1,370 kilometres, is operated six times weekly with CRJ900s. Frequencies will increase to daily on 5 May.


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