OLT Express starts operations with multiple launches of domestic routes in Poland

OLT Express’ inaugural flight from Gdańsk to Warsaw on 1 April coincided with the opening ceremony of the new terminal in Gdańsk, which was honoured with the appearance of Poland’s former president Lech Wałęsa. With load factors reaching 80% on the first day, will OLT Express, as promised, revolutionise the Polish domestic market?

  • On 1 April, OLT Express inaugurated its operations with a new service from Warsaw (WAW) to Gdańsk (GDN), while regular services launched on the following day. The new Polish airline, which made headlines in mid-February with its promise to revolutionise the domestic market, faces either the Polish flag carrier, LOT Polish Airlines, or its subsidiary eurolot on three out of the 10 routes. Competition is set to tighten, as both carriers respond to OLT Express’ entry; eurolot already announced the increase of frequencies in a number of markets, and will also follow OLT Express in the Poznań (POZ) to Gdańsk (GDN) market beginning in May. Among routes previously unserved, OLT Express brings Łódź (LCJ) back to Poland’s domestic market, as it adds services to Gdańsk (GDN) and Wrocław (WRO). Notably, OLT Express serves eight routes with A319s and A320s, providing capacity levels unheard of before in the country. The table below summarises all new routes launched by OLT Express this week.
Origin Destination WF* A/c Competition (WF*)
Gdansk (GDN) Szczecin (SZZ) 8 ATR42
Poznan (POZ) 12 A319
Wroclaw (WRO) 12 ATR72 Eurolot (7)
Katowice (KTW) 5 ATR72
Lodz (LCJ) 10 ATR42
Warsaw (WAW) 41 A32S LOT Polish Airlines (48)
Wroclaw (WRO) Warsaw (WAW) 28 A32S LOT Polish Airlines (40)
Lodz (LCJ) 12 ATR72
Poznan (POZ) 18 ATR72
Katowice (KTW) Rzeszow (RZE) 5 ATR72
Source: anna.aero new routes database, OLT Express website       WF: Weekly frequency


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