’s forensic examination of the French market in 30 slides's Ralph Anker speaking at French Connect in Bordeaux

Anker really knows his onions! Everything you could ever want to know about the French aviation market summarised by's Chief Analyst in 30 easy-to-understand slides. We have our own hunch as to which slides will be appearing most in other people's presentations in the coming months...’s Chief Analyst, Ralph Anker, has presented at nine of the 10 French Connect events that have taken place. This year, his 30-slide presentation in Bordeaux reviewed recent developments in the European market, developments at French airports, analysis of which airlines and airports had launched most new routes in 2012 and 2013 in France, some analysis of Air France, HOP!, France and Volotea, a comparison of the French market with other leading European markets, and a detailed analysis of recent traffic stimulation on a number of French inter-regional routes thanks to easyJet and Ryanair. And much more besides. Download your free copy here.


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