Boeing now heads the 2013 delivery race by 20 units; Airbus delivers its 8,000th aircraft

The 8,000th Airbus aircraft was delivered in August, as AirAsia took the delivery of its 141st A320.

Time flies! The 8,000th Airbus aircraft was delivered in August, as AirAsia — the largest customer for the A320 Family — took the delivery of its 141st A320. AirAsia Group CEO, Tony Fernandes, commented: “AirAsia has a special relationship with Airbus and we are extremely proud to have the 8,000th Airbus as a member of our fleet. It’s the same pioneering, forward-looking mindset and a lot of hard work that have brought both AirAsia and Airbus to their respective leading positions today.”

Following a draw in the number of aircraft delivered in July, Boeing regained the lead over Airbus in terms of monthly units in August. Having delivered more than a hundred aircraft in each month since March, Airbus and Boeing have once again returned an impressive tally, making it the best August since began tracking deliveries in 2008. The combined deliveries of both manufacturers for August was 103 units, of which 56 came from the US manufacturer. Both producers improved their performance compared with the same month last year, with Airbus delivering nine, and Boeing eight more units than in August 2012. Boeing continues to lead the 2013 delivery race, expanding the gap over Airbus to 20 units.

Airbus: 47 deliveries in August (38 single-aisle, nine wide-body)

Airbus Deliveries August 2013

Source: Airbus

Airbus closed August with a total of 47 units delivered, five less units than in July 2013, but nine more than in August last year. Over the eight completed months of 2013, Airbus has delivered a total of 394 units, an increase of 8.2% on the same period of 2012.

Single-aisle deliveries in August were led by the A320 (25 units) with an overall of 38 single-aisle jets provided to airlines worldwide. China Southern Airlines was the only carrier to receive four narrow-body units from Airbus, as it took three A320s and one A321. Along with another Chinese carrier, China Eastern Airlines (which saw two A320s, one A319 and one A330-200 join its fleet in August), China Southern was one of the two largest recipients of aircraft from the pan-European manufacturer in August. American Airlines was the only other carrier to receive more than two units from Airbus in August, as it expanded its A319 fleet by three units. Moreover, August saw Airbus and AirAsia celebrate the delivery of the 8,000th aircraft produced by the European company.

Nine wide-bodies were delivered in August, one less than in the preceding month and three more than in the corresponding month of 2012. Each airline received one twin-aisle aircraft, including two A380s, one each for Emirates and Korean Air.

Baptizing Peach Aviation’s 10th A320 – “Wing of Tohoku” – during an official ceremony in Hamburg

Baptizing Peach Aviation’s 10th A320 – “Wing of Tohoku” – during an official ceremony in Hamburg was Wakana Takeda, supported by her family. She explained: "I came up with the name hoping to bring smiles and happiness to the people of Tohoku by placing many of our dreams and hopes on the wings of the airplane."

Boeing: 56 deliveries in August (38 single-aisle, 18 wide-body)

Boeing Deliveries August 2013

Source: Boeing

Aeromexico became the first Mexican carrier to receive the 787 Dreamliner in a landmark ceremony that took place in mid-August at Boeing’s Everett plant. Heading the Mexican delegation was the airline’s CEO, Andrés Conesa, who boldly stated: “Aeromexico has the best people and the best fleet”. The carrier will lease a total of 19 787s from ILFC and plans to deploy them on routes from Mexico City to New York JFK, Tokyo Narita and Paris CDG.

Boeing ended August with a total of 56 units delivered, four more than in July and eight more than in the same month of 2012. Boeing’s total for the eight months of 2013 is 414 aircraft, an impressive 34 units more than in the corresponding period last year (+8.9%).

Airlines received a total of 38 single-aisle units from the American airframer, three less than in the preceding month. In August, American and two Chinese carriers — China Southern and Shenzhen Airlines — were the largest recipients of the 737 family aircraft, as they took three 737-800s each. Other airlines to receive more than one single-aisle unit from the American manufacturer were GOL, Lion Air, Shandong Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and Virgin Australia Airlines, which took two 737-800s each. China Eastern (one 737-700) and United Airlines (one 737-900) were the only carriers to take delivery of non-737-800 narrow-bodies from Boeing in August.

One more wide-body airframe was delivered by Boeing in August 2013 than in the preceding month and the US manufacturer also bettered its year-on-year performance, delivering two more wide-body units than the 16 it managed in August 2013. Following nine and seven 787s delivered to carriers respectively in June and July, Boeing continued to clear the backlog with a total of ten units of the type reaching the customers in August. Aeromexico, owing to its agreement with ILFC, joined the Dreamliner club in mid-August.


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