“New routes – it’s all baubles to me,” confesses anna.aero’s Anker

anna.aero’s three Christmas Elves (left to right): Jon Lassetter, Marc Watkins and Ralph Anker.

Smarmy, Grumpy and Slightly Unhinged – anna.aero’s three Christmas Elves.

Finally anna.aero’s Jon Lassetter has found the perfect person to kiss under the mistletoe – himself. Fancy some baubles on your airport’s Christmas Tree emblazoned with anna.aero’s Chief Analyst Ralph Anker? Є5 for one or Є20 for three. Don’t look at the picture of anna.aero’s Editor Marc Watkins if you want to get to sleep this Christmas Eve. Ho! Ho! Ho! Check out the whole PPS Publications team and what each and every one of them loves about Christmas.

View our festive Christmas card.


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