Hunnu Air arrive in Europe (Paris to be precise)

Hunnu Air of Mongolia celebrated the launch of its first long-haul service from Ulaanbator’s Chinggis Khaan International Airport to Paris CDG with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on 9 June. Those present included airline executives, and the former French ambassador to the country, Yves Delaunay.

  • Hunnu Air, the new name for Mongolian Airlines, launched its first European service last week, with the introduction on 9 June of flights from Ulaanbator (ULN) to Paris CDG (CDG). The twice-weekly flights on the 7,040-kilometre route requires the airline’s A319 to make a technical stop in Ekaterinburg in Russia. The airline is planning to acquire an A330 to enable the service to operate non-stop from 2015. No other carrier currently operates this route.


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