Norwegian gets going on London Gatwick to JFK, LAX and FLL

London Gatwick’s CEO, Stewart Wingate, and Norwegian’s CEO, Bjørn Kjos

“Kjos you’re worth it.” London Gatwick’s CEO, Stewart Wingate, and Norwegian’s CEO, Bjørn Kjos, with the specially-personalised LGW-JFK route launch cake.

Norwegian started its long-haul operations from London Gatwick (LGW) this week with the launch of three new routes in the US – to Los Angeles (LAX), New York JFK (JFK) and Fort Lauderdale (FLL). The LA route started on 2 July, followed the next day by JFK, with the week set to finish off with the Independence Day launch of Fort Lauderdale services on 4 July. While JFK will be served three times per week, Fort Lauderdale will be served twice-weekly (Mondays and Fridays), as will Los Angeles (Wednesdays and Sundays).

Norwegian Gatwick

The joint airline-airport CEO cutting of that delicious cake.

Norweigian Gatwick routes

How to make money on these new routes. Norwegian’s three new transatlantic routes face some pretty stiff competition, particularly in the London to New York market, which already has around 30 flights per day. Thanks to our friends at Aviation Analytics, we invite our readers to examine the economics of each of Norwegian’s London Gatwick-USA routes in more detail using the interactive route economic calculator. Each route can be selected from “Bookmarks” and using the sliders you can vary either average revenue or load factor to observe the break even position. So will Norwegian’s Bjorn (not ABBA’s) be singing ‘Money, Money, Money’?

London Gatwick’s CEO, Stewart Wingate

Just look at that lovely new plane!!! London Gatwick’s CEO, Stewart Wingate thanks Norwegian’s CEO Bjørn Kjos for basing his carbon-fibre Dreamliner at his airport with which it will operate all three new US services.

All three of the routes are operated by the LCC’s 291-seat 787-8s and will face no direct competition, however there is plenty of service to New York and Los Angeles from London Heathrow in terms of indirect competition. On Los Angeles there are seven daily competing frequencies split between five incumbents — with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways both offering twice-daily operations, along with Air New Zealand, American Airlines and United Airlines all providing daily services. On New York however, the indirect competition will be even more intense with over 200 existing weekly frequencies.

Did we say that great “Not Exactly Hollywood Sign” cake was made by Marketing the first non-stop flight to the USA, from London Gatwick to Los Angeles: Astrid Gaustad Mannion, Communications Advisor and Anne Stromsaether, Project Manager International Markets.

Beginning with New York Newark, United currently offers five daily flights, BA flies 20 times weekly and Virgin Atlantic operates double-daily on the airport pair. To New York JFK there is even more capacity available, with BA (59 weekly flights), Virgin Atlantic (28), American and Delta Air Lines (21), as well as Kuwait Airways (3) providing the competition. All three US routes potential profitability are analysed here, courtesy of our friends at Aviation Analytics.

Heading to Hollywood: Norwegian’s Dreamliner captain cut the delicious cake at gate while the Bay Watch came to the check-in area with authentic cheerleaders from, er, West Sussex.

Norwegian cockpit

London Gatwick-JFK launch:’s Ross Falconer is shown the controls of the beautiful, shiny new 787 Dreamliner by Norwegian CEO, Bjørn Kjos

Norwegian cheerleaders

Cheered leaders! Looking very pleased with launching three awesome new US routes in one week: The London Gatwick CEO, Stewart Wingate and CCO, Guy Stephenson.


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