’s TeamBron takes on British Airways Run Gatwick

Sunday 14 May 2018:’s local running team – Black Dog Runners – entered 22 runners, including’s own Key Account Manager, Kerry Parks (front row, fourth from the left) in the inaugural British Airways Run Gatwick Half Marathon. Sponsored by TeamBron, named after Publisher, Paul Hogan’s late daughter Brontë, the team proudly carried the logo through the UK’s West Sussex and Surrey countryside around Gatwick Airport.

Budapest Runway Run: still the only European runway run to be held in broad daylight…

As part of her training schedule, and a chance to gather some insider information,’s Kerry Parks donned her running trainers at the weekend to take part in the first-ever British Airways Run Gatwick Half Marathon. Taking to the roads and streets around the world’s busiest single-use runway airport, Parks can confirm there’s still no direct competition for the Budapest Runway Run – the only European airport run to be held in broad daylight on the gateway’s active runway.

To avoid some major slot problems, the superbly organised Run Gatwick was held in the surrounding countryside of the airport’s perimeter rather than having runners treading the runway Tarmac as you’ll find in Budapest later this year. To support the community,’s local running club entered its largest-ever team to take part in the inaugural run which was organised with run partner British Airways aiming to promoting health and fitness throughout the UK South East.

Bud Run 6.0’s Key Account Manager, Kerry Parks joined her local running club which is sponsored by TeamBron, named after Publisher, Paul Hogan’s late daughter Brontë. Taking part in her first half marathon she ran a respectable 1:59:16 – realising her goal of a sub two-hour race by the skin of the teeth.

TeamBron and Black Dogs

In memory of the publisher’s 12-year-old daughter, Brontë “Bron” Hogan, who passed away in 2011 after a five-year battle with leukaemia, the Black Dog Runners have been proudly sponsored and supported by TeamBron for the last three years. The bone marrow transplant charity, Anthony Nolan, which arranged two bone marrow swaps for Brontë, is one of the benefitting institutions from the many runs the club enters as well as the Budapest Runway Run.

This year’s ‘BUD:RUN’ – 5 or 10km – takes place on Budapest Airport’s runway 13R-31L at 11:00 on Saturday 1 September 2018. On this day, Budapest Airport will close one of its two runways for four hours so runners drawn from airlines, airports and enterprises across the aviation community can once again compete for a series of Airport “Golden Cake Trophies”.

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Irish invasion: previous champions of the Budapest Runway Run, and two-time holder of the title “Fastest Airline in the World”, Aer Lingus sent two runners on a short trip to enter the British Airway Run Gatwick. BUD:RUN veteran Wayne Forde, Revenue Management and Nik Robinson, Cabin Crew finished in equally decent times of 2:00:23 and 1:56:01 respectively. After beating’s Kerry Parks on the runway for the last four years, Parks couldn’t help but have a small gloat at finally beating Forde in the half marathon!

Remember – all entry fees for the Budapest Runway Run – still just €35 before July 2018 – are donated to charity.

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