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United in Manchester: airports see roadmap to new routes in greener world

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryWe talked to a lot of airports this week about the new services they would like to have when they assembled in Manchester for the ACI EUROPE Annual Congress. We thought the most interesting boss was TAV Airport Holding’s CEO who we interviewed on annaTV about his desires for Qantas and Cathay services, to his big shiny airport in Istanbul, and the Ryanair routes he’s like to see at the cheap airport TAV is just opening at Antalya Gazipaşa and ACI EUROPE push ahead with “The Airport Exchange at Airport Exchange”

Article ThumbThe 2nd Joint ACI Network Planning Marketplace at Airport Exchange 09, hosted in Barcelona by AENA, will be a chance for airports to meet other airports face-to-face to jointly develop new route propositions.

130-plus new routes, a new Japanese airport, flydubai launches & 25 new Ryanair routes

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryIn our unashamed ‘upbeat’ issue of this week we focus on some developments that represent new opportunities for the industry. And clearly June is the real start of the summer season for airlines these days.

ACI-NA’s JumpStart stages a comprehensive field of American LCCs and legacies

Article Thumbnail: Lead Story351 airlines and airports attended ACl-North America’s JumpStart Air Service Development Program of 1-on-1 airline-airport meetings including around 50 planners from 21 airlines with every major legacy and low cost represented. Aéroports de Montréal hosted the event which was staged in tandem with ACI-NA’s Marketing and Communications Conference. As usual we awarded “annies” to memorable presentations and exhibits.

Canada – US market generates 23 million passengers but none on US LCCs; Air Canada has one-third of market

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryFlights between Canada and the US operate from 23 Canadian airports and 60 US airports but which are the leading airports, routes and airlines? Which Canadian airport has seen the market grow by almost 20% in 2009?

Spanish airports suffer as UK and domestic markets struggle; but Ryanair and US traffic still growing

Article Thumbnail: Lead StorySpain’s airports and airlines have seen significant declines in traffic since the middle of last year. We analyse the decline by airport, country market and airline to see what variations exist.

Routes Europe: Athens takes Routes’ Best Marketing Award; Warsaw wins annie for Best Chocolate

Article ThumbRoutes Europe/Prague had its biggest ever turnout, illustrating the old maxim that it pays to advertise. The best marketeers were rewarded with Athens winning the European heat of the Routes Marketing Awards while Warsaw and Moscow Domodedovo dominated our very own “annies”.

Competition intensifies between Lufthansa and airberlin; airlines now going head-to-head on 17 routes from Dűsseldorf

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryWhen not busy acquiring new airlines and forging new international tie-ups Germany’s two biggest airlines have started bumping into each other on international routes. On how many of Germany’s leading domestic routes do they compete?

Chinese and Japanese airlines share international woes; domestic travel trends vary dramatically in first quarter

Article ThumbAsia’s five biggest airlines are based all based in China or Japan which both have dominant domestic markets? So how has 2009 started for these airlines? And have the Japanese had a ‘Golden Week’?

US domestic air travel market; over 300 routes dropped by biggest airlines in last year though Allegiant adds 13

Article Thumbnail: Lead StorySince the beginning of last summer the biggest US airlines have abandoned some 300 routes, but which airlines have been wielding the axe most vigorously? And which airlines have actually increased the number of city-pairs served? Three of the top 20 US domestic airports have seen route growth. Which ones?

‘Buy This Man a Drink’ rockets to $14,000 for childhood leukaemia as our man comes in for soft landing

Article Thumbnail: Lead publisher and the TeamBrontë runners completed the London Marathon yesterday and raised over $14,000 as matched the pledges placed by our readers around the world.

Sacre bleu! Air France dominates French short-haul market with over 50% of scheduled capacity

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryUnlike British Airways Air France has managed to robustly defend its short-haul route network from the all-conquering threat of LCCs. But LCCs are making significant inroads in some country markets. What share of new short-haul routes have been started by easyJet and Ryanair alone?