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Sacre bleu! Air France dominates French short-haul market with over 50% of scheduled capacity

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryUnlike British Airways Air France has managed to robustly defend its short-haul route network from the all-conquering threat of LCCs. But LCCs are making significant inroads in some country markets. What share of new short-haul routes have been started by easyJet and Ryanair alone?

Corsican airports report fourth straight year of growth; easyJet gradually making inroads

Article ThumbThe Mediterranean island of Corsica has four commercial airports which handled over 2.5 million passengers last year. Three cities in France dominate the island’s route network but LCCs such as easyJet and Germanwings are helping to stimulate international growth.

Air France maintains Paris dominance especially on domestic route

Article ThumbDespite easyJet’s best efforts Air France still dominates both major Parisian airports. How does it split its operations between CDG and Orly and what competition does it face on domestic routes? Which country markets are best served from CDG and which international routes does it operate from Orly?

Fast-growing Aigle Azur carves niche in France to Algeria market

Article Thumbnail: Airline AnalysisWith a fleet of 11 Airbus’ Aigle Azur serves North Africa and Portugal from various French airports. Passenger numbers have doubled in the last four years and new destinations have been added including Bamako in Mali.

French airport growth driven by LCCs; domestic demand still falling though LCCs stimulating inter-regional routes

Article ThumbNine of France’s top 15 airports reported growth last year and demand was up 1.5% across all airports. But how much of that was down to LCCs? And what impact have easyJet and Ryanair had on French domestic routes? Which airport saw 50% growth?

easyJet still #2 in France; Paris network will reach 35 routes this summer

Article Thumbnail: Airline AnalysiseasyJet has now spent nearly seven years gradually increasing its presence in the French market, especially Paris. How has its network developed, split across both Paris airports? Which routes have been dumped along the way? And which two destinations are served from both airports?

easyJet’s winter programme reflects considerable caution (which should please Sir Stelios!); Malpensa becomes 2nd biggest base after Gatwick

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryeasyJet’s total winter capacity is virtually the same as last year, but is spread over 20% more airports. Some airports are big winners while others are losers. Which country markets are in favour and which are in trouble?

Marseille’s growth driven by Ryanair’s international routes; TGV took one million air passengers on Paris route

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisThe opening of Europe’s first dedicated low-cost terminal in late 2006 has helped Marseille attract several LCCs. Ryanair now flies to more destinations than Air France but where has it failed to make an impression? How significant is the North African market?

Air France dominates domestic routes from regions; international markets mostly served by foreign carriers

Image: Base AnalysisFrance’s regional airports are mostly dominated by Air France, but mostly they are operating domestic services. If you want to leave the country chances are you’ll need to use a foreign carrier. We look at airline market shares on international routes.

Jet4you: TUI’s Moroccan-based LCC is focused on France

Jet4you: TUI’s Moroccan-based LCC is focused on FranceAs carriers take advantage of Morocco’s ‘open-skies deal with the EU, local TUI-supported LCC jet4you is developing its network. Focussing primarily on France the airline operates four aircraft including one based in Paris. Which other European markets has it ventured into and where is it avoiding? What is its share of Moroccan international traffic?

Saint Ambrose boosts Paris weekend break demand from Milan

Farewatch: Paris to MilanTwo great cities each served by three airports. Seven airlines competing for traffic including four LCCs. We look at the next two weeks to see how fares on easyJet, Ryanair, Volareweb and Vueling compare. And guess what? Turns out Saint Ambrose has an impact on traffic during this period. Why? We explain.

Lyon sheds anti-LCC reputation with easyJet announcement

Airport Analysis: LyonLast week’s announcement that easyJet would base two aircraft in Lyon next summer was big news for the French regional airport. Which routes has easyJet announced and who will it compete with on the routes? What is the existing traffic mix between various country destinations? Which route will see two LCCs go head-to-head this winter?