clickair giving easyJet hard time on GVA-BCN routes

Upstart clickair is giving easyJet a hard time on its well established Geneva to Barcelona route. In an exclusive farewatch return fares were determined on the 14th June for a one night business trip setting off from Geneva any time in the subsequent two weeks.

Swiss and easyJet both have double-daily services while clickair currently operates just once per day. Using the airlines’ website Swiss and easyJet both gave their results in local Swiss Francs. However, clickair gave all prices in Euros. All fares have been converted to Euros for ease of understanding.

Swiss was always the most expensive except for a weekend trip from Saturday 16 June to Sunday 17 June. Notice the price spike for 23/24 June. This again is a weekend period reflecting that for LCCs Sunday evening flights are peak periods for maximising revenue.

Over the two week period the average Swiss return fare was €341 compared to easyJet at €159 and clickair at €117. In recent presentations clickair CEO Alex Cruz has claimed that the airline has the second lowest unit costs amongst European LCCs after Ryanair. Their pricing on this route certainly suggests they feel they can afford to be aggressive on pricing.

Conversion rate used was 1 Euro = 1.656 CHF as of 14 June 2007

Chart: GVA - BCN return fares for 1 night trips in June


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