Ryanair facing tough competition on Krakow from easyJet and Centralwings

The apparently unstoppable growth in traffic between the UK and Poland has resulted in some intense competition, not just between a couple of carriers but in the case of the London to Krakow market a battle between three LCCs and British Airways. In an exclusive anna.aero farewatch, one-way fares from London to Krakow were determined on 27 June for the subsequent two weeks.

Chart: London - Krakov one-way fares

British Airways, which operates almost daily from London Gatwick (except Wednesday), does not yet offer true one-way pricing. To get representative figures the outbound sector of a return journey was taken for each of the days analysed. While BA’s fares for immediate travel are much higher than the LCCs, you only have to book a few days in advance to find BA fares that are comparable with easyJet fares.

For Ryanair, which offers two flights per day from London Stansted, the cheapest flight each day was chosen, based on the assumption that the majority of traffic on this route is price-sensitive leisure traffic. Ryanair remains tough to beat on price, but the difference between the carriers is narrower than might be expected.

A similar analysis was undertaken for a one-way flight between Krakow and London.

Chart: Krakow - London one-way fares
Conversion rate is approximately 1 UK Pound = 5.23 Polish Zloty

Fares are now quoted in Polish Zlotys and Ryanair has a clear advantage over easyJet and Centralwings whose fares are very similar. BA ‘one-way’ fares are rather harder to calculate now as the booking originates in Poland and taxes are not included initially in their web pricing.

Given the current exchange rate, what is noticeable is that one-way fares from Poland to London are considerably higher than the one-way fares from London to Poland.

Note: All fares include all taxes, fees and charges, but not extras such as baggage fees or priority boarding.


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