easyJet and Ryanair fight for French fliers

The launch this week of a new double-daily service from London Gatwick to La Rochelle operated by easyJet is in danger of providing too much capacity into the market. Ryanair has also gone to (almost) double-daily and as a result there are some cheap fares available for the coming month. The figures below show the cheapest daily flight with each airline (including all fees and taxes).

Chart: London - La Rochelle cheapest one-way farees
Dates in the green shaded areas are weekend days. Ryanair operates double-daily except on Thursday. easyJet operates double-daily except on Saturday and Sunday.

easyJet’s Gatwick departures are at 08:00 and 13:15, while Ryanair’s Stansted departures are typically at 15:20 and 19:25. easyJet only has one flight on Saturday and Sunday, which enables it keep fares higher during those days when there is limited capacity. Ryanair with an unpopular Saturday evening departure has plenty of cheap weekend seats. Its peaks occur on Fridays as people head off for a long weekend and on Thursday, when it only operates the one flight.

Over the one month period, Ryanair’s cheapest fare each day is on average around £3 cheaper (£40.30) than easyJet’s (£43.68). Click here for background on UK to La Rochelle traffic growth.


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