Escape from London!

The recent torrential rain across parts of the UK and the general lack of sunshine should be enough to encourage most people to consider a spontaneous trip to somewhere warmer. Last Friday afternoon, decided to compare prices between Ryanair (at London Stansted) and easyJet (at London Gatwick) for flights departing on Saturday (preferably morning). Only one-way outbound fares were collected (including taxes and charges, but not Ryanair’s hold baggage fee).

Ryanair – German routes good value

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If the aim is just to leave the UK and assume the weather anywhere else is better then Germany looks a good bet with five of the cheapest seven routes. The other two routes were both short flights to Brussels and Eindhoven.

A number of French destinations were available for under £130. Several destinations had already sold out, especially to Irish regional airports, but on those where there were still seats available the select group of routes where fares were over £200 (one-way, remember!) included a couple of French and Italian destinations, some Spanish destinations, but most expensive of all was Tampere in Finland at £245.19.

In terms of cost in pence per kilometre flown, Karlsruhe-Baden and Bremen in Germany are still the best value at under eight pence per kilometre. At the other end of the scale Newquay (42.7 pence per kilometre) and Dublin (35.2 pence per kilometre) were the most expensive when adjusted for flight length.

easyJet – Ibiza and Almeria offer best value

Screenshot: easyjet routes
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There were no real bargains with easyJet from London Gatwick. The new route to La Rochelle was the only one to come in under £100, though in terms of value for money Ibiza and Almeria were probably better at under £150.Travellers wanting to get away to Athens, Olbia, Pisa or Nice would have to pay over £250 for a one-way flight. Despite this, Athens ranks as fourth cheapest when measured on a pence per kilometre basis. At 2,381 kilometres it is more than 500 kilometres further than any other easyJet destination from Gatwick. The most expensive destinations when adjusted for flight length are Edinburgh, Cologne/Bonn, Amsterdam and Geneva.

Overall, Ryanair’s network offers more cheap destinations. Even though its average flight length is lower than easyJet’s (896km v 1,143km), its average fare (£123 v £169) means that per kilometre flown Ryanair’s routes are cheaper than those of easyJet (13.7 pence per kilometre v 16.5 pence per kilometre).


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