Ryanair brings benefits to Bremen

Image: Ryanair Terminal
The Ryanair terminal at Bremen.

On 1 April 2007, Ryanair began operations from its second German base at Bremen in north-west Germany. Two B737-800s are based there this summer with a third being added in September. A total of 10 international destinations were started in April, followed by Dublin (May) and Stockholm Skavsta (June) during the summer. The third aircraft will add another seven destinations by the end of the year.

Helping Bremen to double its international traffic

Ryanair at Bremen: 2 aircraft from 01 April 2007
Aircraft 1 Aircraft 2
06:00 – 10:15 PSA (247) 06:30 – 09:35 STN
06:00 – 11:05 GRO (1356) 10:00 – 14:25 RIX (246)
10:40 – 14:35 VRN (24) 10:00 – 14:50 TMP (1357)
10:40 – 14:35 TSF (7) 15:40 – 18:55 TRF
11:30 – 15:25 VRN (6) 19:20 – 22:25 STN
11:30 – 15:25 TSF (135)
15:25 – 22:25 AGP (247)
16:15 – 22:55 MJV (1356)

Using just two aircraft this summer, Ryanair is already managing to double Bremen’s international traffic numbers. The original planned aircraft rotation plan (see box) shows that both aircraft return to Bremen before 23:00. London Stansted is served double-daily and Olso Torp was planned as a daily service with all other routes served three or four times per week. Passenger figures for the first month of operation show that some routes got off to a great start while others started more slowly.

From Bremen To: Passengers
April 07
Load Factor
April 07
London Stansted 10,904 48%
Tampere 4,757 70%
Barcelona (Girona) 4,627 77%
Oslo (Torp) 4,594 41%
Murcia 4,103 68%
Venice Treviso 3,620 60%
Malaga 3,355 74%
Riga 2,785 57%
Verona 2,143 52%
Pisa 1,950 43%
Total 42,838 56%
Source: Destatis

The poor performance of the Oslo route resulted in a rapid frequency reduction from daily to four flights per week. Spanish destinations made a faster impact than Italian routes with Tampere, not an obvious leisure route in April, performing well.

Latest figures from Bremen airport show that total airport traffic was up 20% in April, 28% in May and 31% in June. All of this can be attributed to Ryanair as Bremen’s traffic in the first quarter of 2007 was unchanged over 2006.

Chart: Bremen Airport Traffic 2005-07
Source: Flughafen Bremen

Since Ryanair carried 43,000 passengers in April but traffic was up only 29,000 this would indicate that two-thirds of Ryanair’s traffic is ‘new’ while one-third has been taken from existing routes and airlines. Bremen’s traffic was up by over 40,000 in May and June, suggesting that Ryanair’s load factors will have reached 70% during this period.

Fares Analysis: lots of cheap seats to London

Image: Fares Analysis Spreadsheet
click to download

An exclusive anna.aero analysis of Ryanair’s fares to and from Bremen for the week commencing 30 July shows some wild variations among routes, days of week and direction of travel. While a snapshot of fares for one week is a poor indicator of likely route profitability, especially given the difference in sector lengths, when combined with the previous load factor data some trends can clearly be identified.

Having reduced frequency on Oslo Torp outbound fares have increased, though inbound fares remain very cheap. The opposite is true to Venice where outbound fares are cheap but inbound fares are much higher. London Stansted with its high frequency (and competition from easyJet to London Luton) has very low fares in both directions.

Barcelona Girona, Tampere and Malaga, which achieved the highest load factors in April, also have the highest average fares suggesting that these routes continue to perform well. Average fares for the whole week including all taxes and fees (but not hold baggage charges) are just over €100.

More international routes from September

Image: Ryanair boss sitting on some baggage
Ryanair’s boss checks out the baggage handling system at Bremen for himself!

The additional routes starting in September and October will see more routes to Italy (Alghero, Milan Bergamo and Trapani), Central Europe (Budapest, Bratislava) as well as Malta and a daily service to Paris Beauvais. There are no plans at present for domestic services even though Ryanair now flies to seven German airports including Karlsruhe-Baden and Friedrichshafen in southern Germany and Berlin SXF and Leipzig (Altenburg) in the east.


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