Volaris emerges as leading Mexican LCC

Image: Plane with Volaris livery
Load factors average 60% as the airline has rapidly expanded with 12 144-seat A319s.

Map: Toluca highlighted on map of MexicoSince launching operations in March 2006 from Toluca airport near Mexico, Volaris has grown rapidly and in just 15 months has become Mexico’s largest low-cost carrier with nearly 9% of domestic traffic in June 2007 ranking it fourth behind AeroMexico (20.1%), Mexicana (17.8%) and Aviacsa (11.2%).

However, this rapid growth, especially in recent months, has taken its toll on the airline’s load factor as the graph below shows.

Chart: Volaris growth since launch
Source: DGAC Mexico

After reaching a peak load factor of nearly 84% last July the airline is only averaging around 60% in 2007 due to its rapid expansion to 12 aircraft, all 144-seat Airbus A319s. After reaching the one million passenger landmark after 11 months the airline then reached two million passengers just six months later in August 2007.

Seven aircraft based in Toluca

Image: Data view of downloadable spreadsheet
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The airline’s current schedule sees seven of the 12 aircraft based in Toluca with one aircraft based overnight at each of Tijuana, Leon, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Morelia. The summer schedule for each aircraft can be viewed in detail in the downloadable spreadsheet.

Voliaris shuttle adverstismentThe airline operates to a total of 15 Mexican destinations but also provides shuttle bus connections to San Diego from Tijuana. A total of 70 daily departures are currently operated with the busiest airports for the airline being at Toluca (20 daily departures to 11 destinations), Tijuana (13 daily departures), Guadalajara (eight), Hermosillo (five) and Cancun (five). The single busiest route is from Toluca to Cancun which is operated four times daily on peak days.

Consortium with big growth plans

The airline is owned by a group of private investors including Roberto Kriete (chairman of TACA group), the Mexican bank Inbursa, Latin American broadcaster Grupo Televisa and an investment fund company. After an initial order in January 2006 for 16 A319s the airline recently added a further order for 14 more with options for an additional eight.


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