India’s airlines split into two categories on domestic pricing

India’s domestic market has many routes with more than half a dozen carriers competing head-to-head. On the Mumbai to Hyderabad has examine average air fares for seven airlines for one-way outbound flights for a period of two weeks. Only bookings made two days or less before travel appear to be subjected to a fare premium as airlines try to take advantage of last-minute bookers who are likely to be time-sensitive business travellers.

Chart: Mumbai - Hydrabad average one-way fares
Source: Airline websites on Tuesday 6th November
All fares include taxes and fees. 1 USD = roughly 40 INR. 1 UKP = roughly 80 INR
Green shaded period is Saturday/Sunday.

Air Deccan maintains its reputation as the lowest fare airline but is joined by Spicejet and GoAir if bookings are made more than three days before departure. Although JetLite is marginally cheaper than Jet Airways its fares are in a similar band, along with those of Indian and Kingfisher. Why JetLite’s fare for its late morning flight on Monday 12th November should be so high is unclear. Departure times for the 75 minute flight range from 03:15 to 21:15. The full schedule is shown below:

Departure Time Airline
03:15 Jet Airways
04:55 Spicejet
06:25 Go Air
06:25 Jet Airways
06:30 Kingfisher
08:00 Jet Airways
08:00 Indian
09:30 Indian
10:55 JetLite
Departure Time Airline
12:30 Go Air
14:30 Air Deccan
15:30 Jet Airways
15:35 Kingfisher
16:00 Indian
18:15 Jet Airways
19:05 Indian
19:30 Kingfisher
21:15 Spicejet


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