Sterling beats SkyEurope in battle for Czech mates

Logo: Prague AirportCopenhagen to Prague seems an unlikely route for five airlines to be squabbling over, but that is the choice currently facing Prague-loving Danes or Copenhagen-loving Czechs. Czech Airlines (CSA) offers 13 flights per week, while SAS and Cimber Air both offer daily flights. SkyEurope flies four times per week and Sterling three times. Scheduled flight times of between one hour 15 minutes and one hour 35 minutes are quoted with CSA apparently having the fastest aircraft (or least padding in their block time).

This week, examined average daily one-way fares from both ends of the route. Although both countries are EU members neither has yet adopted the Euro as its currency, so all fares are quoted in local currency.

Chart: Copenhagen - Prague average one-way fares
Source: Airline websites on Monday 12th November.
1 USD = 5.08 DKK, 1 EUR = 7.45 DKK All fares include taxes and fees.
Green shaded period is Saturday/Sunday.

Although Sterling’s fares are the lowest during the period they only have six flights and on Thursdays they are the most expensive airline, though on the other four days they are cheapest. New entrant Cimber Air’s fares are pitched closer to the LCCs than they are to SAS, which is at least cheaper than CSA.

Chart: Prague - Copenhagen average one-way fares
Airline websites on Monday 12th November.
1 USD = 18.2 CZK, 1 EUR = 26.6 CZK All fares include taxes and fees.
Green shaded period is Saturday/Sunday.

For Prague originating passengers, someone appears to have forgotten to apply the principles of revenue management to CSA flights, as all flights are available at the same price throughout the two-week period. The fare ranking of the five airlines remains unchanged with Cimber Air again the cheapest of those airlines that operate at least daily. The chances of all five airlines still operating this route in a year’s time is probably remote.

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