German domestic growth reaches new heights

After a sluggish start to 2007 (when growth was virtually non-existent), Germany’s domestic market has built up quite a head of steam and in September registered growth of over 14%, the highest among European countries monitored by It is also the highest year-on-year growth rate achieved by any country in any month this year.

Chart: Domestic passenger growth 2007 v 2006
Source: UK CAA, BAA, DGAC, ADV, AENA, Assaeroporti, LFV, Avinor and Finavia

Italy and Spain continue to register impressive growth of 8%-10% each month. After a brief improvement in August (attributable to last year’s problems in the UK), growth in the UK domestic market returned to negative levels in September and October. Among the Nordic countries, Norway continues to perform consistently better than Sweden or Finland.


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