Mexican domestic market maintains 20% growth in Q3

Latest figures show that Mexico’s domestic market continues to maintain its recent 20% growth fuelled by the rapid growth of the country’s new low-cost airlines.

Chart: Mexican Domestic Traffic Growth
Source: DGAC Mexico

Although traffic growth dipped to its lowest level since February growth was still nearly 17%, while July saw an all-time high growth of 26.9%.

Chart: Mexican Domestic Routes
Source: DGAC Mexico

LCCs increased their share of domestic traffic to 38% in August, but this fell to 35% in September as traditional carriers Aeromexico and Mexicana both increased market share for the first time in quite a while.

Mexicana increases share on international routes

On international routes, Mexico’s two major airlines increased their market share from around 25% to nearer 30%. American carriers make up nearly all of the rest of the top 10 airlines serving the Mexican international market, with Air France climbing the rankings to 10th in September.

Chart: Mexican International Routes Airline Market Shares 2007
Source: DGAC Mexico

Many US carriers saw their market share drop in September, with the notable exception of American Airlines which increased its share to nearly 12%, the highest it has been all year.


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