VLM fares fall by 50% if bookings can be planned a fortnight in advance

Logo: London City AirportIn light of the recent announcement that Air France-KLM would be acquiring Antwerp-based VLM, this week’s anna.aero looks at day return fares from London City on VLM’s highest frequency routes over a two-week period.

Chart: CHT VLM fares @ LCY
Source: Airline websites on Tuesday 8th January.
All fares include taxes and fees and were the cheapest available on any given flight. Green shaded period is Saturday/Sunday.

Day return fares were determined for flights departing London City as close as possible to 08:00 and departing the destination around 18:00. These six routes have an average sector length of just 320 kilometres and average return fares for a day return business traveller booking up to two weeks in advance averaged out at around £225.

Manchester was cheapest overall at £180 followed by Amsterdam (£215) and Brussels (£219). Luxembourg averaged around £226 while Antwerp and Rotterdam were the most expensive at £254. All sectors are between 250 and 350 kilometres with the exception of Luxembourg which is almost 500 kilometres and thus apparently the best value in terms of cost per kilometre.

Average return fares for travel booked the day before were around £320 though if bookings could be made a fortnight in advance average fares fell by over 50% to around £150. With a fleet of mostly 50-seat Fokker 50s and high service levels it is worth noting that VLM’s 2006 average fare of around £100 is about twice that of easyJet, but with an average sector length around one-third of the easyJet figure.

VLM operates three fare classes offering different levels of flexibility to customers – VLM Value, VLM Plus and VLM Executive.


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