UK airports mostly showing only modest growth: London City, Doncaster/Sheffield and Bournemouth bucking trend

In the week that the UK Civil Aviation Authority published a 77-page report entitled “Recent trends in growth of UK air passenger demand” (free to download from the CAA website) takes another look at the various UK regions to explore the difference in growth rates among the airports in the first 10 months of 2007.

Chart: London Airports
Source: UK CAA

London City has been the star performer among London airports with traffic growth actually increasing as the year progressed. The small spike in August growth can be attributed to the previous August when major security alerts restricted air travel, particularly at Heathrow.

Chart: Scotland & N Ireland Airports
Source: UK CAA

Aberdeen has continued to lead the way with the highest growth rates. Growth has been poor to non-existent at many other airports in this region, though Belfast City’s sudden growth in October (coinciding with the start of Ryanair services) is likely to be the start of a boom period for the airport.

Chart: Midlands & North UK Airports growth
Source: UK CAA

In the last three months only relative newcomer Doncaster/Sheffield has maintained growth of over 10%, while Manchester continues to struggle to even equal demand in 2006. Birmingham too had a quiet 2007, but will be considerably boosted this year when it becomes Ryanair’s 25th base with two aircraft based there from the beginning of July.

Chart: South & South-West UK Airports Growth
Source: UK CAA

Bournemouth has continued to be the star performer and will be even more pleased that it will become Ryanair’s 24th base later this year. The region’s other airports have struggled to manage 5% growth across the year.


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