Austrian v SkyEurope at Vienna – SkyEurope undercuts Austrian by over 50%

logo: Dallas Love FieldAustrian was already facing competition on many of its major routes before SkyEurope started offering a further low-fare alternative. This week’s exclusive farewatch looks at a number of routes on which SkyEurope competes with Austrian and a few routes on which Austrian has a monopoly.

On six selected routes (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Bucharest, Paris and Sofia) SkyEurope and Austrian face additional competition from KLM, Click Air, Brussels Airlines, Tarom, Air France and Bulgaria Air respectively. On four selected routes (Bologna, Budapest, Geneva and Stockholm) Austrian is the only carrier offering non-stop point-to-point services.

Two different trip types were examined on each route. The first was for a ‘business’ trip departing on the morning of Monday 25th February and returning the following evening. The second was a ‘weekend-break’ trip departing as late as possible on Friday 29th February and returning as late as possible on Sunday 2nd March.

CHT VIE fares

Source: Airline websites
Fares include all fees, charges and taxes.

The results clearly show that SkyEurope is considerably cheaper than Austrian on the sample of routes and days selected. On average SkyEurope’s fares are 57% lower in the data analysed helping to explain why the airline felt the Austrian market offered it considerable potential.

Austrian’s fares on its monopoly routes are not noticeably any more expensive than on the more competitive routes. Obviously this is only a snapshot of fares on specific routes in the next two weeks but it seems clear that SkyEurope is offering the Austrian travelling public the opportunity to travel at relatively short notice at fares it has rarely seen before.


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