launches The Route Shop in association with ACI EUROPE

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By May 1 we had 4,259 airline/airport subscribers in the worldwide network planning community and we are using this superb ā€˜shop window’ to launch another great service – The Route Shop: the virtual store where airlines can go to browse new air services.

The Route ShopSo why The Route Shop?

Airlines can already find out a great deal about any airport just by using search engines. But they can’t easily find out which new routes airports desire, nor the evidence to support claims that these services are viable.

The Route Shop at allows airports to put the routes that they urgently want served right in front of’s devoted, expert, network planning audience.
Anyone can enter The Route Shop at any time – like it is totally open, free-of-charge, and has no silly log-ins or passwords.

Logo: ACI EuropeThe Route Shop and ACI EUROPE

In order to maximise store content The Route Shop has entered into a partnership with ACI EUROPE which sees the initiative as an important new membership benefit through which airports will achieve future new air services by harnessing e-commerce.

Airports can draft their own postings in The Route Shop and also call on the assistance of expert editors to assist in compilation. In addition to route vacancies, each posting contains a full bundle about catchment area, marketing and economic assistance, and key contact information – even a photograph of the airport’s central business development expert.

Six months exposure in the store costs ā‚¬1,299 although any ACI member airport immediately qualifies for a 10% discount.

Four airports already have services in The Route Shop offering a total of 23 new long and short-haul services together with information on marketing and financial support for new services. More postings have been made… frequent browsing is advisable.

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