Airbus/Boeing: Air Asia, Continental, Southwest take most new aircraft in May

Aircraft deliveries from Airbus and Boeing remained stable in May with the two manufacturers once again delivering 79 aircraft to their global customers.

Airbus: 39 deliveries; no new A380s

A320s were again the most popular aircraft type delivered this month by Airbus representing nearly half of all May deliveries. Only one A318 was delivered (to LAN) while Finnair and Lufthansa each received a new A340. No further A380s were delivered in May.

Table: Airbus Deliveries 2008 - May 2008
Source: Airbus

Only Air Asia took delivery of more than two new aircraft receiving three A320s in May. Asiana, Lufthansa and S7 each grew their fleets by two additional Airbus aircraft.

Image: Shenzhen Airlines delivery flight of a 737-800 was pressed into service for earthquake relief in May.
Flight of Hope – Shenzhen Airlines’ delivery flight of a 737-800 was pressed into service for earthquake relief in May. Boeing initiated the collaboration between the airline and two Portland, Oregon-based relief agencies and coordinated the shipment from Boeing Field. Boeing also has pledged $250,000 for earthquake relief and will match contributions made by its employees. The current combined total exceeds $500,000. (Thanks for the pictures Samantha.)

Boeing: 40 deliveries but none to Ryanair

Of Boeing’s 40 deliveries in May a total of 29 were 737 derivatives while seven were 777s.

Table: Boeing Deliveries 2008 - May
Source: Boeing

Continental and Southwest each received three new aircraft with KLM taking delivery of two. Ryanair for a change received no new aircraft. New widebodies were delivered to Air Canada, Air France, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, EVA Air, Korean Air, LAN and Singapore Airlines.

Delivery rate remains unchanged

Total deliveries for both manufacturers remained unchanged in May with Airbus once again delivering 39 aircraft and Boeing 40.

Chart: Airbus & Boeing deliveries in 2008
Source: Airbus, Boeing

Widebodies: 20% of the (delivered) market in 2008.

A total of 396 new aircraft have now been delivered in the first five months of 2008, 201 by Airbus and 195 by Boeing. Eighty percent of these aircraft are narrowbodies with widebodies accounting for 20% of the market.

Ryanair, Southwest still lead 2008 deliveries

The two legendary LCCs on different sides of the Atlantic lead the table of most new aircraft received so far this year with 18 each. Both are dedicated Boeing customers. Continental is third with 16. Lufthansa, Air Asia and Virgin America are the leading customers for Airbus so far this year.

Airbus Customers Deliveries in 2008 Boeing Customers Deliveries in 2008
Lufthansa 10 Ryanair 18
Air Asia 9 Southwest 18
Virgin America 8 Continental 16
Aegean Airlines 7 Delta 8
Air France 7 KLM 7
easyJet 7 Air Canada 6
Germanwings 5 AirTran 6
IndiGo 5 JAL 6
JetBlue 5 Singapore Airlines 6
Qatar Airways 5 Alaska Airlines 5
Shenzhen Airlines 5 ANA 5
Source: Airbus and Boeing

Image: IndiGo PlaneAnother day, another gleaming new IndiGo Airbus (with not much fanfare). Airlines in the fast-growing Chinese, Indian and Mexican markets are barely represented in this table with IndiGo (India) and Shenzhen Airlines (China) the only ones to receive at least five aircraft so far this year.


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