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Dear Network Planning Experts,

Image: Mystery Surprise from anna.aeroOn Friday is one year old so, if you’ve been subscribing to our  FREE newsletter, you’ll be about 1 million brilliantly crafted words wiser. Which means we’ve all got something to celebrate.

We’d love to invite you to our surprise party, but as our community of over 5,000 REAL SUBSCRIBING network planners is spread all over the planet, that’s not going to happen. So please sign anna’s card by leaving a comment below.

Birthday Greetings will be published in Friday’s edition when we’ll also be unveiling’s mystery present.


  1. Well done!!! keep up the good work.

  2. Happy Birthday, Anna, and thank you for providing a weekly interesting industry insight; from all at CAA International, the gateway to the experience and expertise of the UK CAA

  3. Antoin Daltun says:

    Well done. Ádh mór.

  4. James Pearson says:

    Well done! Keep improving, keep producing quality, informative material.

    You are flying over the planet at a the highest cruise speed but your eagle sight does not miss even the smallest in the business.
    Thank you for not using any paper and be with us for many years ahead 😉

  6. Happy Birthday Anna! Thanks for all the insight and look forward to celebrating your 21st!

    Best Regards,

  7. Nigel Palmer says:

    Anna, Many happy returns, I have been impressed by the quality of content and found it both informative and an excellent tool within the scope of our work. Well done! Nigel Palmer.

  8. Marc Watkins says:

    Happy 1st Birthday Anna!!

    You know so much for someone so young!! You are wise beyond your years!!

    What I like most about Anna is the fact that you tell it like it is…please keep this refreshingly honest style of writing as you become a toddler!!

    Best wishes on your big day

    Marc Watkins

  9. Happy Birthday to you, keep going on!

  10. Mala Raman says:

    Happy Birthday and Many more returns of the day!I was suggested this site by an aviation analyst when I referred for some input on network strategy.It’s been a very interesting and informative experience.
    Keep up the good job!!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday and thank you for interesting, FREE reading in a straightforward language.

  12. Ignace Wirtz says:

    great content, great comments thanks

  13. I enjoy reading your diverse and pertinent stories. The data you provide is also very useful. Keep up the great work.

  14. what a breath of fresh air.
    happy birthday anna.

  15. Happy Birthday Anna!!!, the information i got from your website saw me through in my Bsc Hons Aviation Management degree…. Wishing you and your crew a happ birthay is not a waste of time…. Love you guys, keep the flame burning!!!.

  16. Please accept my hearty congratulations on your first anniversary. I am truly impressed with your achievement over the last year. has done a remarkable job in gathering and disseminating the latest on aviation and its trends, which helped me to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry. My best wishes for for more success in years to come.

  17. Alain Favier says:

    Happy birthday and long live to Anna.Aero, a nice and colourful weekly escort through airlines, routes, airports and markets profiles and trends.

  18. Mike Noakes says:

    Happy Birthday

    I always enjoy reading your weekly publication.
    It helps me keep up to date with the all the Airline news.

  19. Congratulations.
    What a success!

  20. rui almeida says:

    Happy Birthday Anna! Best wishes of success!

  21. Arian says:

    Happy Birthday Anna! With the success of 1 year behind you, make sure you keep ‘on track’; feeding us with news, inside analysis and other interesting info, in an easy-to-read manner!

  22. An excelent source of airline news and trends.

    Keep up the good work!

  23. Ian Chambers says:

    Well done Ralph and the team – cutting through the spin for a whole year now, keep up the sterling work…

  24. Chen Ho says:

    Happy Anna-versary!

    Well done for reaching this milestone, and for being a thorough and insightful resource of networking knowledge.

    Thank you for keeping us abreast of the news and doing a lot of the hard work for us!

    All the best, for a long time to come!

    Kind Regards,
    Chen Ho.

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all. One year Old WOW!
    Keep up the good work



  26. Tom Edwards says:

    Whether it’s the cold hard stats or the candid commentary, Anna’s always a catalyst for a good Friday debate. Happy birthday.

  27. Congratulations, interesting insight information of the airline industry!

  28. H Hacopian says:

    This gem of a site is equivalent to Einstein’s version of airline information to a primer on physics for elementary schools – it simply covers all and everything at all levels – Happy Birthday and keep up the good and hard work!

  29. Marcel Plaum says:

    Congratulations! I always read the news on Friday. You are doing excellent research, so please go on with that!!

  30. Tina says:

    Happy Birthday and congratulations for your excellent work! Keep it up!

  31. Andy Hofton says:

    I try to make time to sit back and read your excellent material. Sometimes I rake through back editions when I need background on an issue. I can tell that a great deal of hard work has gone into preparing the newsletter. I try to draw the attention of students and managers I meet to your goldmine. Keep it coming! We are entering a really, really tough time right now and Anna is a good friend to have on side. Happy Birthday !

  32. Tracey Ellis says:

    Happy Birthday

    I have enjoyed receiving information which has been most informative. Long may it continue
    Best regards


  33. Happy birthday to the best source of information on the aviation market in Europe. Best wishes.

  34. Happy birthday to, the truly innovative and forward looking market analysis and development tool for our industry!

  35. Happy birthday, I appreciated very much the srvice provided by ANNA AERO, it was very helpful and I hoep it will last a long.
    my best wishes to the whole staff

  36. happy bithday to a vrey usefull source of information
    All the best to all of you

  37. Karna Gupta says:

    Happy Birthday !!

    A great read ! Love the stats.

    Good luck with next year.

  38. keithmoses says:

    Great stuff!

    many happy returns

    You have set a very high standard

    keep up the good work

  39. El DE says:

    Nice work, just discovered your website today. Keep up the good work! Arigato hai (deep bow) y muchas gracias y felicitaciones!!!

  40. Torolf Holte says:

    Happy birthday!

    Thank you for an innovative site which brings airlines and airports together in their common search for viable new routes.

  41. El DE says:

    Super extra hilarious maximus your anniversary cake photo getting a water salute! Too funny!!!


  42. Sammy Patel says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Keep up the excellent work – thanks producing quality, clear, concise informative material!

    K Rgds

  43. MARIANA ION says:

    Happy Birthday! ” La multi ani!”
    Thank you for the useful source of information and this is a great opportunity to “review” the airports and airline representative that I know.
    Best wishes to you, Anna and all the best to everyone that submited comments with this ocasion.

  44. A. Sharma says:


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