Ryanair’s new Birmingham routes offer broad range of fares

To celebrate the introduction of Ryanair’s second Birmingham based aircraft, this week’s exclusive anna.aero farewatch analysis examines one-way fares available from Birmingham on each of Ryanair’s 22 routes between Friday 4th July and Sunday 20th July. During that period all destinations are served between five and 11 times, apart from Dublin and Shannon which are served more frequently.

A graph plotting the average one-way fare (including taxes but not check-in or baggage surcharges) against sector distance reveals a fairly wide spread of results.

Chart: Ryanair “average” one-way fares from BHX
Source: Airline website on Thursday 3rd July.
Average of cheapest daily fares for period Friday 4th July to Sunday 20th July.
One-way fares do not include check-in charges or baggage charges.

Routes that appear to be performing above average at present include Billund, Dublin, Poitiers and a couple of Polish destinations. Routes generating less than average revenue given their sector lengths are Forli, Marseille, Olbia, Oslo Torp and Perpignan. Of course, a similar snapshot analysis next month might produce very different results given the small data samples involved.

This analysis only looks at fares relatively close to day of departure. Given that many seats are sold well in advance of flights taking place, when fares are at their lowest, the ‘average’ fares shown here are likely to be above the average for the route as a whole.

For full details of the data collected click here.

When are taxes not taxes?

Ryanair’s “Taxes” are typically £25.71 ($50) for one-way fares from Birmingham. However, on certain flights these taxes are altered to £14.99, £9.99, £4.99 or even zero. On top of the basic fare and taxes other costs a typical UK originating passenger might encounter on Ryanair flights are:

“Feature” Charge per sector
Airport check-in £4.00
Cost of checking-in first bag £8.00
Cost of checking-in second bag £16.00
Cost of checking-in third bag £16.00
Priority boarding £4.00

As a result, a single holiday maker checking-in two bags and wanting priority boarding would be charged an extra £64 for a return journey, or £32 per flight. A passenger with no bags who checks-in online and does not want priority boarding would incur no additional charges.


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