Skavsta and Billund only Nordic airports growing at least 10% in May and June;
Oslo gaining on Copenhagen

The impact on air travel demand caused by the re-timing of Easter this year can clearly be seen in the latest monthly traffic statistics for airports in the Nordic region. Traffic dipped in March and rebounded in April especially at Norway’s four major airports where traffic is dominated by domestic traffic which is mostly business related.

Chart: Nordic Airports Year on Year Growth
Source: LFV, Avinor, Finavia, CPH Airport, Billund Airport, Keflavik Airport

Stockholm Skavsta is still benefiting from the extra routes Ryanair started last October while Billund has maintained double-digit growth for over a year now. Traffic at Iceland’s major airport has fallen for three straight months after impressive growth in 2007.

Oslo and Stockholm gaining on Copenhagen

Oslo and Arlanda continue to close the gap on Copenhagen as the region’s busiest airport. Passenger numbers in the first half of 2008 were up 6.8% at Oslo Gardermoen and 6.1% at Stockholm Arlanda. Copenhagen’s traffic was up a still respectable 5.3%.


  1. In your graph you have interesting airport named “Finland”. Why not use HEL instead. That’s the code for our #1 airport. replies: Finavia only publishes airport-specific data for the current month and year-to-date on its website. However, I have now received monthly data for Helsinki (see the 15th August airport profile) and next time we report on Nordic airports we will use Helsinki rather than all of Finland.

  2. Per Senstaad says:

    Oslo Airport Gardermoen is soon Scandinavia’s most traficated airport,with a population that travels more to both North America and Asia then its Swedish and Danish neighbours. Today the airport has one New York route and three Pakistan routes. That’s it. The market for Bangkok and Beijing routes are big.
    What does think is the reason that the airport almost has no long-haul services, while Stockholm-Arlanda and Copenhagen both have routes to several Asian and American cities?

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