Airbus/Boeing: Boeing narrows gap on Airbus in August; Kingfisher receives three new A330s

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Emirates took delivery of a 777-300ER and a 777-200LR, marking the first double 777 delivery to a Middle East airline.

Aircraft deliveries from Airbus and Boeing fell in August to 65 compared with 77 in July. This was primarily due to the French holiday season reducing Airbus’ output to just 29 aircraft compared with 36 for Boeing. As a result Boeing has narrowed the delivery gap to just two – 315 to 313 at the end of August. However, given the current situation at Boeing it seems that Airbus’ lead is probably safe for the rest of the year.

Airbus: 29 deliveries but none with four engines

A total of 22 narrowbodies were delivered by Airbus including 10 A320s, five A319s and five A321s. Seven A330s were delivered of which three were for Kingfisher in India. The others went to Air China, Air Comet, China Eastern Airlines and Qantas. No four-engined aircraft were delivered in August.

Chart: Airbus Deliveries
Source: Airbus

China Eastern and Kingfisher each grew their fleets by three Airbus aircraft in August while Air Asia, Air China, Hainan Airlines and TACA each received two new aircraft. Air Asia (15) now leads easyJet (14) and Lufthansa (12) for most new Airbus received this year. Less high-profile airlines receiving the keys to a new Airbus last month included Air Astana (Kazakhstan), GoAir (India) and Silkair (Singapore).

Boeing: 36 deliveries but none to Ryanair

Of Boeing’s 36 deliveries in August (same number as in July) 29 were 737 derivatives while five were 777s. There was a single 767 for ANA and a 747 freighter for Cathay Pacific.

Chart: Boeing Deliveries
Source: Boeing

No airline received more than two new Boeing’s in August while Southwest received just one and Ryanair none at all. Southwest (with 26) now leads Continental (24) and Ryanair (21) in terms of most new Boeing aircraft received in 2008. Lesser known carriers receiving new Boeings in August included Lion Air (Indonesia), Pegasus (Turkey), Spicejet (India) and TAM (Brazil).

Delivery rate falls due to European holidays

Total deliveries for both manufacturers fell to 65, the lowest so far this year mainly due to holidays in Europe affecting Airbus’ delivery rate.

Chart: AB Deliveries
Source: Airbus, Boeing

A total of 628 new aircraft have now been delivered in the first seven months of 2008, 315 by Airbus and 313 by Boeing. Eighty percent of these aircraft are narrowbodies with widebodies accounting for the remaining 20% of the market.

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