Italian airport traffic growth grinds to a halt; Bergamo and Fiumicino buck trend for different reasons

Image: Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary in Italy
Milan Bergamo reported 12% traffic growth in August, stimulated by Ryanair’s ongoing expansion at the airport.

Latest traffic figures for Italian airports show that only four of the largest 13 airports reported traffic growth in August. These were headed by Rome Fiumicino (+12.4%), Milan Bergamo (+12.0%) and Pisa (+8.5%). Rome is benefiting from Alitalia’s return to a single hub focus, while Bergamo is still reaping the rewards of on-going Ryanair expansion. As a result, cumulative year-to-date growth for Italian airports in August has fallen to just 2.0%. While some of this slowdown can be attributed to Alitalia’s on-going woes a similar pattern is being seen right across Europe.

Among the smaller airports double-digit year-to-date growth has been reported at Parma (+121.5%), Brescia (+48.4%), Forli (+23.7%), Pescara (+16.6%), Treviso (+14.1%), Cagliari (+13.1%), Alghero (+12.0%) and Brindisi (+10.5%).

Chart: Italian airport growth 2008
Source: Assaeroporti


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