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Image: Over 500 articles in the archiveFrom this week, all of’s stories – over 500, with unique analysis – are now available through our searchable database. Since we started in July 2007 we have produced over 60 lead stories, over 100 airline base analyses, and over 50 country and airport features. We have also reported on nearly 2,500 new routes that have started during that time. Furthermore, we have provided regular updates on trends in various country markets and regions, sometimes by airline and sometimes by airport. We also report monthly on which airlines are taking delivery of new aircraft from Airbus and Boeing.

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Our coverage covers the globe with no continent, region or major market left untouched by our sense of curiosity and desire to reveal what is really going on when it comes to airline network planning.

Last week’s lead story tops’s “Hall Of Fame”

Our analysis of the most popular stories we have produced is led by last week’s lead story on this winter’s new routes. Our unique take on Alitalia’s problems have produced two of our all-time top 10 stories:

1 This winter; Ryanair versus the world! Top Story 31 Oct 08
2 Alitalia’s rivals ready to pounce at Rome Top Story 26 Sep 08
3 The great global LCC network strategy comparison; 10 of the world’s best analysed Top Story 03 Oct 08
4 UK charter destinations evolving as airlines consolidate or collapse Top Story 19 Sep 08
5 Alaska Airlines dominant at Seattle but LCC share is growing Airport Analysis 18 Jul 08
6 Alitalia’s withdrawal creates opportunities for Air One, easyJet and Lufthansa at Malpensa Top Story 02 May 08
7 New routes launched 26 April to 02 May 2008 Route News 02 May 08
8 The “Big6” US legacy airlines; Is this as big as their networks will ever be? Top Story 10 Oct 08
9 easyJet cuts routes and frequencies as Berlin competition intensifies Base Analysis 24 Oct 08
10 Kingfisher goes international; fast-growing UK-India markets gets a fifth competitor Top Story 05 Sep 08

With our readership and subscriber numbers growing all the time the list is, not surprisingly, biased towards many of our more recent stories.

Our searchable database and tagging of stories means that once you find one story of interest the chances are that you will find several more. Good hunting!

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