International traffic suffers downturn from UK; even Polish market stagnates in October

Image: Ryanair
Ryanair celebrated the launch of its 27th base at Edinburgh on 5 November. It has two based aircraft at the airport and has launched 11 new routes from Edinburgh to add to the existing eight.

Since last looked at UK market growth by country international demand has started to weaken. Although demand was down less than 1% in July and August it fell by 4% in September and 5% in October.

Chart: Traffic growth
Source: UK CAA

In September none of the “mature” markets reported growth while only the Irish market showed signs of growth in October. Japan saw the greatest drop in demand in October with passenger numbers down over 15%.

Polish growth finally comes to an end

After averaging more than 20% growth for most of the past two years traffic to and from Poland actually fell in October by 1%. However, Bulgaria reported its highest growth since May and Romanian traffic growth remained strong though not as high as in previous months.

Chart: Traffic growth on “emerging” UK markets (E8)
Source: UK CAA

Despite hosting the Olympics, traffic to and from China has fallen this summer though this can be attributed to stricter visa controls associated with hosting the biggest sporting event of the year.


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