Airbus delivers 46 aircraft in November; Boeing delivers just four

Image: Turkish Airlines
While Boeing’s orders for November are disappointing, it’s not all gloom for the airbus rival. Turkish Airlines is confidently expanding their fleet – two 737s were delivered on Thursday (yesterday). According to Boeing, the carrier owns one of the largest 737 fleets in Europe.

Airbus and Boeing delivered just 50 aircraft in November, though this was three more than achieved in October. The now resolved labour disputes at Boeing resulted in just four aircraft being delivered while Airbus delivered 46, their second most productive month of the year after March.

Airbus: 46 deliveries including another A380 (for Emirates)

A total of 39 narrowbodies were delivered by Airbus including 21 A320s, 14 A319s and three A321s. Six A330s were delivered (one each to Aeroflot, Air Comet, Avianca, China Southern, Mexicana and TAM) while Emirates took delivery of another A380.

Chart: Airbus Deliveries
Source: Airbus

A total of 30 airlines received new Airbus aircraft with airberlin taking four (three A319s and one A321) and Air One three. Leading Airbus customers AirAsia and easyJet each received two further new aircraft to take their deliveries this year to 21 and 19 respectively. China Eastern with 16 is still in third place for most new Airbus received this year followed by China Southern and LAN each with 14.

Boeing: just 4 deliveries in November

Boeing managed to deliver just four new aircraft in November, one each to Asiana, Emirates and LAN, as well as a Business Jet.

Chart: Boeing Deliveries
Source: Boeing

Total deliveries for both manufacturers were just 50, up only three on October.

Chart: Airbus & Boeing delivering in 2008
Source: Airbus, Boeing

A total of 771 new aircraft have now been delivered in the first eleven months of 2008, 437 by Airbus and 334 by Boeing. Eighty percent of these aircraft are narrowbodies with widebodies accounting for the remaining 20% of the market.

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