Airbus and Boeing deliver 858 new aircraft in 2008; AirAsia and Continental lead deliveries

Image: Airbus/Boeing
Airbus delivered nine A330s in December, including one to AirAsia X.

Airbus and Boeing delivered 87 aircraft in December, 37 more than in November as Boeing’s manufacturing finally got back on track. Airbus finished the year delivering a record 483 aircraft while Boeing had to settle for just 375.

Airbus: 46 deliveries including three A380s

A total of 32 narrowbodies were delivered by Airbus including 20 A320s, seven A319s and five A321s. Nine A330s were delivered (including one each to Aeroflot, Air Caraibes, Air Comet, AirAsia X, Jet Airways, Mexicana, Qantas and TAM) while Qantas took delivery of two A380s and Emirates a further one.

Chart: Airbus Deliveries
Source: Airbus

A total of 28 airlines received new Airbus aircraft with TAM taking four (two A320s, one A321 and one A330) while Air One, easyJet and Qantas each took delivery of three new aircraft. AirAsia finished the year just one ahead of easyJet in terms of new Airbus aircraft with 23 to the UK airline’s 22. China Eastern ranked third with 17 followed by TAM with 16. Four airlines each received 14 new Airbus in 2008.
A total of 12 A380s were delivered during 2008: five to Singapore Airlines, four to Emirates and three to Qantas.

Boeing: 41 deliveries in December

Image: Emirates route launch double 777
Boeing delivered 375 aircraft in 2008, including the first double 777 delivery to a Middle East airline – Emirates.

A total of 32 narrowbodies were delivered by Boeing including 23 -800s, five -900s and four -700s. Ryanair received four new -800s and Continental took delivery of three new Boeings. A single 767 was delivered to LAN while there were new 777s for Air Canada, Emirates (two), Qatar Airways and TAM (two).

Chart: Boeing Deliveries
Source: Boeing

Continental ended the year with 29 new Boeing aircraft ahead of Ryanair with 27. Southwest ranked third with 26 new aircraft.

Chart: Airbus & Boeing delivering in 2008
Source: Airbus, Boeing

A total of 858 new aircraft were delivered in 2008, 483 by Airbus and 375 by Boeing. Just under 79% of these aircraft are narrowbodies with widebodies accounting for the remaining 21% of the market.


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