Ryanair launches 67 new routes this week with focus on Italy; France and UK also see gains

Image: Ryanair route launch
It makes a nice change not to have the Ryanair CEO fooling around in some crazy costume. The average frequency of the 67 new routes starting this week is 3.42 per week.

An incredible one in every three new routes starting this week is being operated by Ryanair. A total of 61 European airports will benefit from the airline’s latest network additions with Italian airports being the most popular. Cagliari with 14 new routes and Bologna with 11 see the biggest gains, followed by Edinburgh with 10.

Chart: Busiest Airports
Source: OAG Max Online for w/c 30 March 2009 and Ryanair website

Four of the top 11 airports for new routes are in Italy, with two in France and the UK, and one each in Belgium, Germany and Sweden. A further 15 airports can rejoice in the addition of two new Ryanair routes while 35 airports each benefit from the addition of a single new service.

Almost 700 routes currently being flown; more to come

At the start of the summer season Ryanair is operating close to 700 routes with more to be added during the coming months. The average frequency of the 67 new routes starting this week is just 3.42 per week.

Nine routes are starting with a daily frequency while Bologna to Trapani will be served twice daily. Six of the nine daily routes are domestic services; Barcelona Girona to Seville, Bologna to Bari, Bristol to Belfast City, Cagliari to Rome Ciampino, Cagliari to Venice Treviso, and Marseille to Nantes. The three international routes getting daily flights are Bologna to Paris Beauvais, Hamburg Lűbeck to Palma de Mallorca, and London Gatwick to Marseille. At the other end of the frequency scale some 26 new routes will be started with just two weekly frequencies.


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