Airbus and Boeing deliver 237 aircraft in Q1; Ryanair receives 22 and easyJet 11

Image: Qatar Airways route launch
Qatar Airways took delivery of two aircraft in February and one in March, including its first 777-200LR.

Airbus and Boeing delivered 237 aircraft in the first quarter of 2009 just one less than in the corresponding period last year. Boeing just leads Airbus 121 deliveries to 116.

Airbus: easyJet and Aeroflot lead deliveries

A total of 42 aircraft were delivered by Airbus in February followed by 40 in March. This included just 12 wide-body aircraft and no A380s. Airlines receiving widebody aircraft included Aer Lingus (one), Etihad (one), Finnair (one), Hainan Airlines (one), Lufthansa (three), Middle East Airlines (two) and Singapore Airlines (three).

Table: Airbus Deliveries 2009
Click to enlarge. Source: Airbus

During February and March easyJet took delivery of eight new aircraft including one A320. Aeroflot received seven new aircraft while Aegean (four), Aer Lingus (three), Air France (three), Lufthansa (three), Middle East Airlines (three) and Singapore Airlines (three) were also kept busy receiving new aircraft.

Boeing: Ryanair takes one in every six new aircraft

A total of 36 aircraft were delivered by Boeing in February followed by 50 in March. This included 20 wide-body aircraft. Airlines receiving widebody aircraft included Air Canada, British Airways, Delta (three), Emirates, JAL (two), Qatar Airways (three) and V Australia.

Chart: Boeing 2009
Click to enlarge. Source: Boeing

During February and March Ryanair received on average two new aircraft per week bringing to 22 the number of new aircraft the airline has taken delivery of in 2009. In February the only other Boeing customers receiving more than a single aircraft were Alaska Airlines and Qatar Airways (two each), while in March Delta, Hainan Airlines and JAL each received three new aircraft.

Boeing recently announced that it would cut production of the 777 from seven per month to five per month starting in June 2010.

Chart: Airbus deliveries 2008-2009
Source: Airbus, Boeing


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