Four-way fight on Copenhagen-Nice; newcomer is apparent price leader

Image: Norwegian plane on the runway
Across the range of dates analysed the average Copenhagen-Nice one-way fare (including taxes) was €104 for, €123 for Norwegian, €124 for Cimber Sterling and €177 with SAS. The range of frequencies spans from daily for SAS to just three for Norwegian.

This week’s airport analysis of Nice revealed that this summer passengers will have a choice of four carriers on the Copenhagen – Nice route. Apart from SAS there are also low-cost options with Cimber Sterling, Norwegian and Of these Dutch-based Transavia is probably the least well-known brand in Copenhagen and therefore appears to be aiming to be the lowest fare option.

Chart: Nice Fares
Source: Aviation Analytics via QL2

Across the range of dates analysed the average one-way fare (including taxes) for the routes was €104 for, €123 for Norwegian, €124 for Cimber Sterling and €177 with SAS. SAS serves the market daily while Transavia operates six weekly flights, Cimber Sterling four and Norwegian just three. Where prices were given in Danish Kroner these have been converted to Euros for ease of comparison. On Norwegian there is an additional one-way bag fee of 60 Norwegian Kroner (around €7). With SAS a bag is included. For Transavia customers there is an additional “Admin fee” to pay of €7.50 although what this is actually for is anyone’s guess.

By the time the various extra fees and charges (and currency conversions) have been taken into account there may not be that much difference between the non-SAS carriers. However, it does seem clear that SAS is the most expensive as one might expect. Would any readers like to guess how many (and which) carriers will still be operating this route next summer?

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