Air Canada price-leader on leading Can-Am route; five carriers but not much competition

Image: Air Canada planes on the apron
Overall, Air Canada appears to be the most price-competitive airline in the Toronto-New York city-pair market.

Air Canada apparent price-leader on leading Can-Am route; five carriers but not much competition. This week’s lead story on the Canada – US market revealed that the leading city-pair market between the two countries was Toronto – New York. With a choice of two airports in Toronto and three in New York there are a total of seven different options that passengers can choose from.

American flies from Toronto to both New York JFK and LaGuardia while Air Canada serves both Newark and LaGuardia from Toronto. Continental also serves Newark from Toronto while Delta serves JFK from Toronto Pearson. Finally, Porter serves Newark from Toronto Harbour airport. All of these routes have multiple daily frequencies.

This week’s farewatch looks at the cost of a return flight from Toronto to New York assuming that the passenger wants to stay away for two nights. This could correspond to a long business trip or a short weekend break.

Chart: Toronoto - New York fares
Source: via QL2
Green shaded areas are Saturdays and Sundays. Fares are quote in Canadian Dollars.
Currency conversion used: 1 USD = 1.114 Canadian Dollars

Fares shown are the cheapest available regardless of time of travel and include all taxes. With no competition from low-cost carriers all of the legacy carriers offer relatively similar fares. For travel booked at short notice all airlines charge at least one thousand Canadian Dollars for the less than 600 kilometre long journey. However, if trips can be planned at least one week in advance return fares fall to between C$300 and C$500.

Overall, Air Canada appears to be the most price-competitive followed by American. Delta and Porter appear to be the most expensive. However, with multiple daily flights a passenger who is time-sensitive may find any of these airlines the cheapest on any given day.

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    Looks as though you have left out LAN, which operates YYZ-JFK, though only 4x weekly.

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