United in Manchester: airports see roadmap to new routes in greener world

TAV Airports Holdings is having a good recession and is rapidly expanding by taking over airports in Macedonia and Tunisia with more in the pipeline in its target areas of the Middle East and East Europe. In this two minute interview with anna.aero TAV President and CEO Dr Sani Sener explains the airline route opportunities including the hoped-for arrival of low cost carriers to the just-opening Antalya-Gazipaşa, an alternative airport right in the middle of Turkey’s tourist hotspot. See Antalya-Gazipaşa Airport in The Route Shop.

anna.aero was in Manchester this week for the 19th ACI EUROPE Annual Congress. The central concern is obviously finding a way back to growth: The long-term belief is that despite the headlines, hard-up consumers won’t cut back on their travel plans because of environmental concerns – but that that they’d come back quicker if the industry keeps its foot on a biofuelled gas pedal in combination with more carbon-neutral measures – to help this ACI EUROPE launched an Airport Carbon Accreditation scheme (see below).

Image: TuiFly
This great slide shows that it would take all of Europe’s landmass to grow enough soya to power air transport…but only Belgium would have to be covered in slime if algae were to be used. Dr Raphael von Heereman, TUIfly’s head of aeropolitical affairs says the world’s biggest tour operator wants to develop biofuels as a sustainable alternative because it feels consumers would be happier about flying, and possibly prepared to pay a little more for more ethical fuels. TUIfly and its partners keenly want to find airports who want to take part in its biofuels programme.
Image: Boeing’s Andy Patsalides
Boeing’s Andy Patsalides: The first flight of the 787 and all those lovely new route possibilities are only a few weeks away now.
TAV boss Dr Sani Sener, Tim Jeans, managing director of Monarch
Tight Jeans: Sitting alongside TAV boss Dr Sani Sener, Tim Jeans, managing director of Monarch, is keeping the planned deployment of the first Dreamliners very close to his chest.
Image: anna.aero VP Jon Lassetter
Manchester Airport Group CEO Geoff Muirhead, this week’s host for the ACI EUROPE annual congress, was quick to take up The Route Shop Four-4-Fore Challenge (putt four in a row to win a four month Route Shop Listing). He didn’t win.
Image: Schipol COO
Schiphol COO and brand new ACI EUROPE president, Ad Rutten, scoops up a large chunk of carpet and leaves the ball unscathed. Rutten is seen here later with ACI EUROPE DG Olivier Jankovec.
Dr Rainer Schwarz, CEO Berlin Airports: “We had a lot of complaints from the conservationists when we closed Tempelhof last year: ‘How could you close such a nice airport?’ they moaned.” But he was happy this week because German budget carrier BlueWings, which was grounded until recently after insolvency fears, continued to restart operations including the recommencement of Berlin Tegel Abu Dhabi services.
Image: BATA Slide
Barry Humphreys, chairman of the British Air Transport Association, the UK airline lobby group, and until recently Virgin Atlantic’s route development supremo. Barry’s recipe for the current situation is you gotta help your airport buddies “cut, cut, cut costs”.
Image: Golfing Image: Golfing
A high speed action shot by Ralf Schmid managing director of low cost “Munich West”, “Memmingen”, “King Louis”, “Allgäu” Airport. The airport with the most names in Europe starts its listing in The Route Shop next week – Schmid wants services to Eastern Europe, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia, the UK, Paris and Madrid. So not a lot really… Richard Gooding, the chief executive of London City takes a friendly chunk out of the side of our photographer’s head. Gooding came the closest to winning The Route Shop Challenge with three out of four shots but, believe it or not, none of our airport bosses had enough practice to win.
Image: Lynsey Giddings, Ingacio Biosca, Jane Montgomary Image: ACI EUROPE
AENA’s Ignacio Biosca, manager international relations and airport marketing, visits Old Trafford and shows great magnanimity while reflecting on Barcelona’s 2-0 defeat of Manchester in the UEFA Champions League last month. ACI EUROPE launched its Airport Carbon Accreditation scheme in Manchester. Seen here pressing the carbon neutral button are ACI EUROPE director general Olivier Jankovec, the European Commission’s director of transport Daniel Calleja, the DG of EUROCONTROL David McMillan, Yiannis Paraschis CEO of Athens airport and ACI EUROPE president, and ECAC secretary general, Gerry Lumsden.
Image: Happy Times
Happy times. In the 5th ACI EUROPE Airport Awards TAV’s Ankara/Esenboğa Airport, won in the 5-10 million category, presented here by Mike Davies, Chairman, Manchester Airports Group to Dr Sani Sener, President & Group CEO TAV Airports and COO Murrat Ornekol.
Image: awards
Best and Biggest airport, (over 25 million) went to Schiphol, presented by Daniel Calleja, Director Air Transport, European Commission to Ad Rutten, EVP & COO, Schiphol Group (who was also elected the new president of ACI EUROPE earlier in the day).
Image: Accepting the award
Awarded specifically for assisting in the development of a unique airline hub in partnership with Air Berlin: Best Airport, 10-25m went to Palma de Mallorca Airport – presented here by David McMillan, DG EUROCONTROL to Nemesio Suarez, managing director, Palma de Mallorca and Ignacio Biosca, AENA’s manager international relations and airport marketing.
Image: ACI Awards
All the winners – including (far right, the Best Airport, Under 5m, Aeroporto G.Marconi Di Bologna, received by managing director Brunini Armando and planning and control director, Ventola Nazareno.
Image: Airport Expansion protesters
A protester tackles Harry Diehl, the chairman of the big duty free operator Gebr Heinemann on his way to the ACI EUROPE Awards Dinner at Manchester Town Hall, not realising that the inventor of Travel Value has never lost an argument in his 75 years.


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