Logojets can help promote routes and regions; AirAsia X unveils Oakland Raiders sponsorship

Summer holidays you might take and places you could visit if this kind of route and destination advertising actually works. (The anna.aero team will have also all flown back from their holidays by next week so we won’t be running any more stories like this for a while.)

Oakland California is one of several destinations AirAsia’s long-haul division, AirAsia X, is believed to be interested in operating to as its fleet grows. In an apparent move to lobby for this desire the airline has become the proud sponsor of the Oakland Raiders football team, which participates in the AFC west division of the NFL, unveiling an A340 used on its route from Kuala Lumpur to London Stansted which has been branded “Raiders”.

The outdoor advertising potential of aircraft has not been exploited to the same degree as buses and trams the world over – because aircraft travel between different countries their attraction as an advertising vehicle tends to be centred on global brands which easily travel across borders. Taking this forward into a more strategic vein benefiting network development, some airlines have also used their aircraft to promote destinations or regions served as well as related theme parks, hotels and major sporting events (football, Olympics, Formula 1 Grand Prix events).

Southwest has painted several of its many 737s in a colour scheme to promote a particular state, the most recent being “Illinois One” (one of the airline’s biggest bases is at Chicago Midway in the state of Illinois). Likewise, before being merged with US Airways America West operated a number of state-themed aircraft including “Ohio”.

In Europe Germanwings helped promote the launch of a new base at Berlin Schönefeld with the unveiling of a “Berlin bear” logojet while fellow German LCC hlx (now part of TUIfly.com) promoted routes to Austria and Italy with specially painted 737s in “Kärnten” and “Cagliari – south of Sardinia” colours. For a while SkyEurope promoted its winter ski flights to Austria with a special “Tirol” colour scheme. Cathay Pacific operated a “Hong Kong – World City” aircraft while on a smaller scale UK regional Eastern Airways flew a Saab 2000 with “Aberdeen – City and Shire” markings.

Regional airlines often uses a geographic reference in their names, a trend that has proven particularly popular in Germany (airberlin, Augsburg Airways, Bremenfly.com and Hamburg International). Some airlines, such as Dubrovnik Airline go as far as featuring a nice aerial view of their home town on the aircraft.

Germanwings and Travel Servis have gone so far as to brand one of their aircraft in the colours of their home airports, in this case Cologne/Bonn and Prague respectively. After the recent outbreak of swine flu in Mexico inbound tourism suffered so Mexicana combined with the Mexican Tourism Council to launch a “Vive México” campaign which involved large lettering on the sides of two A320s and two Fokker 100s.

A non-definitive list of examples of airline logojets

  • Businesses: T-Mobile (dba, Germanwings, Transavia), O2 (Travel Service), Network Norway (Norwegian), Capital One (Skybus), Nationwide Insurance (Skybus), Avis (1time), Europcar (Aserca), Park Inn Hotels (Germanwings), Microsoft (Adria)
  • Cars: VW (MyAir), Jaguar (Ryanair)
  • Drinks: Coca-Cola Zero (Volaris), Pushkin Vodka (1time)
  • Entertainment: Blue Man Group (Allegiant), SeaWorld (Jetstar), Hed Kandi (Monarch)
  • Magazine: Sports Illustrated (Southwest)
  • Shopping: Zurich Airport Shopping (Swiss), Jumbo Supermarket (Transavia)
  • Sporting Events: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Etihad), Bahrain Grand Prix (Gulf Air), Olympics (Air Canada), Euro 2008 Football (Austrian, Swiss), Madrid Masters Tennis (Air Europa),
  • Sports Sponsorship: Manchester United (AirAsia), Williams F1 Team (AirAsia)
  • TV shows: Entourage (Virgin America), Celeb Air (Monarch), Kandidaten (Norwegian), MTV (Vueling), The Simpsons (Western Pacific)


  1. James Rolls says:

    Yes, indeed. We advise brands on airline decaling and there is much interest especially where we can attempt route specifics. Which isnt as easy as brands think. Happy to help the airlines if need be….

  2. Gordon Werner says:

    you forgot Alaska Airlines …

    3 jets promoting Disneyland
    2 jets promoting their website
    1 jet promoting Alaska Seafood
    1 jet promoting the State of Alaska

  3. Bruce Drum says:

    Thank you for your nice article. Actually there have been over 200 logojets over the years in the airline industry. Western Pacific Airlines was one of the original airline creators of the logojet concept in the United States as an additional source of revenue (selling the space) and this idea has now spread around the world. Also absent on your list is America West Airlines and now US Airways with their colorful state and team logojets. AirTran Airways is also introducing their first team logojet for the Atlanta Falcons NFL team. Southwest Airlines also promotes several states where they have a large operation such as the State of Illinois and the Chicago Midway hub. We at AirlinersGallery.com have most aircraft in our logojet collection in our digital library.

    Bruce Drum

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