joins’s BASEJUMPING – further airline to join next week

Image: has joined Ryanair and Vueling in the line-up of European carriers taking part in’s BASEJUMPING project
Need to know about opportunities from’s Copenhagen base? Learn more about this new base (and its main bases at Amsterdam and Rotterdam) during BASEJUMPING at The 2nd Joint EUROPE Network Planner’s Marketplace. has joined Ryanair and Vueling in the line-up of European carriers taking part in’s BASEJUMPING project which will be held at ACI EUROPE’s huge seven conference spectacular “Airport Exchange” convention – hosted by Aena in Barcelona November 23-25.

BASEJUMPING is a session of the event entirely devoted to a particular large LCC. The session leads off with an explanation of route development opportunities from its bases as perceived by that airline’s senior network planners.

So far Vueling – which became Europe’s third largest low-cost carrier after merging with clickair in June – is represented by its CEO Alex Cruz, while Ryanair is sending its new-service supremo, Ken O’Toole. has taken the third slot while not yet deciding who it will send to meet the airports in Barcelona. However, airports coming to listen will be treated to a much expanded range of possibilities – has managed to evolve from a charter airline into one of Europe’s more successful low-cost/charter hybrid airlines reporting a profit for each of the last 10 years. Last December the airline started a new base in Copenhagen operating 12 routes from the Danish capital making it the airline’s third biggest base after Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Currently the biggest country markets served from the airline’s Dutch and Danish bases are Spain (124 weekly departures), Italy (47), France (38) and Greece (33) suggesting that airports from Portugal, Turkey, the UK, and Germany should be eager to hear about their chances.

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An entire half-day of the event will also be devoted to “The Airport Exchange At Airport Exchange” – an opportunity for airports to engage with other airports to discuss jointly developing new route propositions. Many airports market the potential of a new city pair without even talking to the airport at the ‘other end’ of a hoped-for service, let alone cooperating to present a single, joined-up business plan. However, prior to arriving at “Airport Exchange At Airport Exchange” registered airport delegates will be able to use an online meeting system to coordinate specific times to meet other airports one-2-one in a dedicated area to talk about new route business plans.

US Airways and others to take part

Another prized leader of 2009 route launches has also confirmed with that it will take a further BASEJUMPING slot – this new participant will be confirmed next week. Meanwhile, Grant Whitney, Director International Route Planning US Airways, another significant launcher of new routes in 2009, also plans to give a major presentation at the event.

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