Get networking: Start planning your joint propositions for new air services with MustMeet!

When billi, Bordeaux’s purpose-built low cost terminal, opens in May 2010, Jean-Luc Poiroux, Commercial Development Director, would like a route to Istanbul. Airport Exchange at Airport Exchange gives Poiroux the chance to have scheduled meetings with other senior commercial airport bosses and devise joint route propositions…with people like Carmine Bassetti, Head of Airports, GMR International, who is likewise keen to see more carriers take advantage of Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen’s brand new second terminal…’s latest route development initiatives will take place in a matter of days at the 2nd Joint ACI EUROPE/ Network Planners Marketplace in Barcelona hosted by Aena Spanish airports, 23-25 November 2009. Key among these is “Airport Exchange at Airport Exchange” – a dedicated afternoon for airports to meet other airports one-2-one to talk about jointly developing new route propositions.

Airport Exchange at Airport Exchange has been established to improve the competiveness of city pairs presented to airlines. Many airports market the potential of a new city-pair without even talking to the airport at the ‘other end’ of a hoped-for service, let alone cooperating to present a single, joined-up business plan. Airlines also complain that the respective airports on a particular route offer conflicting evidence of its viability.

To facilitate this we are pleased to announce that MustMeet networking is now available for our event. MustMeet is an easy to use system that lets you search for other delegates and arrange these meetings with them in Barcelona. All meetings must be planned in advance of the event and confirmed by Friday 20 November.


Once on the website you must sign-up and submit your details. The more information you can supply the better – it will help other airports understand your intentions and goals, and ensure the meetings that take place in Barcelona are productive for all parties.

Registered users will also be able to see the details of the other airports looking to organise meetings and begin booking time slots with those you would like to engage with. You can send messages to other airports, or just go straight to requesting a meeting.

These one-2-one meetings will occur in the conference room in which the ACI EUROPE/ Network Planner’s Marketplace and BASEJUMPING are taking place. Upon arrival at this room the organisers will ensure you are positioned at the right tables, at the right time, to ensure all meetings take place according to the schedule.

If you are one of the first to sign-up for MustMeet networking at this event there may only be a few profiles to view – don’t forget to visit the website regularly and check-out any new delegates to network with.

BASEJUMPING bounds ahead

The other key elements of the event were recently sealed with the agreement of airBaltic’s SVP Strategic Network & Fleet Planning, Richard Roberts, to take part in both the conference and’s unique “BASEJUMPING” project in which the opportunities for airline development of specific airlines’ and low cost carriers will be discussed live on stage with the editor of, Ralph Anker. Other BASEJUMPERS include Barcelona’s ‘home’ carrier Vueling (now Europe’s third-largest low cost carrier) represented by CEO Alex Cruz,’s Norbert Zoet, VP Business to Consumer, and Ryanair Director of New Route Development, Ken O’Toole, custodian of future route opportunities from Ryanair’s huge 33-base network.

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