Signs of recovery at Canada’s top 10 airports; 3 airports show year-on-year growth

Image: Olympics
Countdown to the boost of Vancouver’s airport traffic? Will the Vancouver Olympics (and its mascots) rectify the falling trend at Vancouver airport?

Although Canadian airport traffic data has been in steady decline over the last year, as of this summer, it is possible to start seeing improvements. Only Montreal-Trudeau, which saw signs of recovery during the summer, has had a negative development since.

Chart: Canadian airport development Year-on-year change in monthly passengers: 1/08 to 9/09
Source: Airport websites

At Kelowna, passenger numbers entered positive growth already during the summer. For airports reporting September figures, both Victoria and Halifax now also show growth compared to the corresponding month last year. In the case of Halifax, this should be welcome news to the local area, as a recently released study of the impact of the airport concludes its great economic importance for the province.

Vancouver, having experienced the worst passenger decline of the Canadian airports, is now showing signs of recovery; however, the airport was still down -9.6% in August compared to the previous year and its year-to-date decline is -11.6%. The 2010 Winter Olympics, to be arranged in and around the city in February next year, soon ought to help passenger numbers reach and even exceed previous years’ levels.


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