Airbus marginally increases 2009 delivery lead over Boeing; 8 aircraft to Ryanair in November

Image: Aeroflot A330-300s in Skyteam colours
One of the lovely new Aeroflot A330-300s in Skyteam colours. To match this particular objet d’art, Aeroflot’s Moscow Sheremetyevo Terminal D opens in February 2010, complete with an ‘Art Lovers Gallery’ of fine digital copies (apparently indistinguishable from the originals) of famous paintings from the State Russian Museum and the National Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

During November, Airbus and Boeing delivered 74 new aircraft. Almost equally many came out of the two rivals’ factories; 38 from Airbus and 36 from Boeing.

Airbus: 38 deliveries in November

A notable Airbus delivery is that of an A340-500 to a private customer. The largest single airline delivery is Aeroflot’s four A321s and single A330-300. easyJet follows with its three delivered A319s.

Chart: Airbus deliveries November 2009
Source: Airbus

US Airways has had another delivery of its large orders of A330-200s, while Air Asia X’s expansion is facilitated by the delivery of another A330-300.

Boeing: 36 deliveries in November

Ryanair has received the largest Boeing delivery at eight 737-800s in the last month. American Airlines follows with three deliveries of the same type. Boeing’s narrow-body deliveries has been overwhelmingly 737-800s with 22 deliveries in November, only complemented by four delivered 737-700s.

Emirates leads the wide-body deliveries, having had two 777-300 deliveries in November. Notably, there has been a delivery of two 747-400s, however, these are of the freighter rather than passenger version.

Chart: Boeing deliveries November 2009
Source: Boeing

So far this year, Airbus has a small lead ahead of Boeing in terms of aircraft delivered; 437 against Boeing’s 430. There is, however, a difference in the split between wide-body and narrow-body aircraft. Boeing has delivered 95 wide-body aircraft in 2009, while the corresponding figure for Airbus is 84. Airbus makes its overall lead from having delivered 353 narrow-body aircraft, 18 more than Boeing’s 335.

Chart: Airbus & Boeing deliveries in 2008-09
Source: Airbus, Boeing


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