New winter ski routes from Russia, Scandinavia and UK; Copenhagen to Geneva attracts three new airlines

Ski competition: This winter sees Cimber Sterling and Norwegian going head-to-head on Copenhagen-Geneva/Salzburg and easyJet is also launching Copenhagen-Geneva – providing SAS with three new competitors when it previously held a monopoly! If you think our animation is a bit sensationalist, just take a look at the psychedelic bmibaby ski poem (below).

As the European winter ski season gets ready to swing into action many of Europe’s lead low-cost airlines have added new connections to some of the most popular airports serving the Alps. Most of the new routes involve airports in the UK, Russia and Scandinavia as skiers in these countries are less likely to hop in their cars and head south, compared say with their counterparts in France or Germany. The following table summarises the new routes already started or soon to be started from the five primary airports serving the major ski resorts in the Alps.

Airline Geneva
Aeroflot     Moscow SVO    
airberlin       Dűsseldorf  
Alitalia         Amsterdam
Berlin Tegel
Moscow SVO
baboo London City
Milan Malpensa
bmibaby   Birmingham
East Midlands Manchester
British Airways     London LGW    
Cimber Sterling Copenhagen     Copenhagen  
easyJet Copenhagen
Rome FCO
Germanwings       Cologne/Bonn
Dortmund Hamburg
Norwegian Copenhagen
Stockholm ARN
    Copenhagen  Stavanger
Stockholm ARN
Ryanair         Stockholm NYO
Swiss Manchester        
Wizz Air   Cluj Napoca      
Source: new route database, OAG Max for w/c 18 January 2010 and w/c 5 January 2009

Last winter saw rather more new routes started at these airports with Ryanair in particular starting several new services to Grenoble and Turin most of which return this winter, while added flights to Innsbruck from Berlin Tegel, Brussels and Berlin.

This winter sees Cimber Sterling and Norwegian going head-to-head on routes from Copenhagen to Geneva and Salzburg. easyJet is also starting Copenhagen to Geneva flights providing SAS with three new competitors on a route on which last winter they enjoyed a monopoly.

Poetry to encourage ski enthusiasts to fly with bmibaby

One of Lufthansa’s latest acquisitions, bmibaby, promotes ski deals to Geneva, Malaga and Toulouse. On its website it even uses poetry to attract customers.

Ring the cowbells, baby
It’s time to book that flight
Dig out your skis and salopettes
And pray they’re not too tight

You’ll get a silly goggle tan, baby!
You might just bruise your bum,
But that’s not gonna matter,
‘cos the cold’s made everything numb.

The author of this inspired gem is not credited but Southwest’s legendary rapping flight attendant clearly has competition in the aviation poetry stakes. If any budding poets in airline marketing departments think they can do better would love to hear from you. Just add your prose as a comment at the end of this article.

Image: Innsbruck welcome British Airways
Just happened: British Airways has resumed flights between Gatwick and Innsbruck. Its franchisee GB Airways operated the route until end-2007 and the easyJet takeover. Now BA returns to confront easyJet with a five times weekly service. Innsbruck’s airport director, Reinhold Falch, arranged a surprise party to celebrate the development.


  1. Roger Uren says:

    BMIBaby launching Bournemouth-Jersey 3x aweek from March 2010

  2. MARIOLLE says:

    You have forgotten Lyon (LYS) on your list, one of the main gatway towards the French Alps : New routes / Additional or seasonal frequencies:
    Transaero – Moscow DME – Seasonal scheduled flight on D6 from December
    Easy Jet – London STD – Additionnal flight on D6 (from December) and D7 (from November)
    – London LGW – Additionnal flight on D6 from November
    – Edinburgh EDI- 3 weekly flights from December (D2, D4, D6)
    – Brussels BRU – 6 weekly flights from October (D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D7)
    Tarom – Bucharest OTP – 4 weekly flights from September (D1, D3, D5, D7)

  3. Arthur Dent says:

    It appears that bmibaby will not be serving Grenoble this winter after all. The destination is no longer shown on their route map and does not appear in their booking tool.

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