easyJet traffic up 34% in Lyon; new services to Brussels and Edinburgh begin this week

In April this year, easyJet celebrated its first birthday as a Lyon-based airline, much to anna.aero’s liking with a cake theme. Next summer, the airline will serve 19 destinations out of the airport.

While the number of passengers travelling with Air France to and from Lyon airport is down 12% in the first 10 months of 2009, demand on easyJet services at France’s fourth busiest airport is up 34%, and the airline will transport over one million passengers in and out of the airport this year. Lyon became a designated easyJet base in April 2008. Before that, the airline had served Lyon from London Stansted (a former Go route), Madrid, Rome Ciampino and from October 2007 both Berlin Schönefeld and Barcelona.

Chart: easyJet in Lyon - Number of destinations served by season
Source: anna.aero database, OAG and easyJet

The decision to base aircraft at the airport immediately added a further eight routes during the summer of 2008 and by next summer, easyJet will be serving 19 destinations from the airport, including five in France. Berlin flights were axed at the beginning of November 2008, while the Pisa service (introduced this summer) is not currently bookable for next summer.

Bordeaux traffic up 60%, Toulouse up almost 50%

The decision to introduce domestic flights to Bordeaux and Toulouse, in direct competition with Air France, has proved that the French domestic market can indeed be stimulated under the right conditions. Our analysis shows that total Lyon – Bordeaux traffic has grown by over 60% while Lyon – Toulouse traffic has surged by almost 50%. Last month, easyJet also started daily year-round services to Nantes to complement its other domestic offerings to Bastia (which started in December 2008) and Biarritz (a summer-only destination).

Three aircraft worked hard

Image: Two of the three hard-working easyJet Lyon-based aircraft
Busy schedule: Two of the three hard-working Lyon-based aircraft during a short moment when they are both at the airport. (Photo: JF Marin/Aéroports de Lyon)

This winter, easyJet has three A319s based at the airport. Most days, each aircraft operates four rotations, starting no later than 07:15 each morning. Only one weekly flight, the Sunday service to Casablanca, returns after midnight. UK services to Edinburgh, London Gatwick and London Stansted are operated by aircraft based at those airports.

Table: easyJet in Lyon - Winter 2009 - 3 aircraft

Intense competition on many routes

Air France offers competition on eight of easyJet’s 15 cities served this winter, while only the Edinburgh and Porto routes face no competition. Competition on the two routes to Morocco is particularly fierce.

Route easyJet WF Competition (weekly frequency)
Barcelona 7 Air France (12)
Bastia 3 CCM Airlines (3)
Bordeaux 12 Air France (32)
Brussels 6 Air France (13), Brussels Airlines (23)
Casablanca 4 Air Arabia Maroc (3), jet4you (4), Royal Air Maroc (7)
Edinburgh 3
Lisbon 3 TAP Portugal (14)
London 14 (to LGW)9 (to STN) British Airways (20 to LHR)
Madrid 7 Air France (12), Iberia (13)
Marrakech 4 Atlas Blue (6), Royal Air Maroc (6)
Nantes 7 Air France (30)
Porto 4
Rome 7 (to CIA) Air France (12 to FCO)
Toulouse 10 Air France (36)
Venice 3 Air France (14)
Source: OAG Max online for w/c 18 January 2010 and easyJet booking tool

Additional seasonal services with easyJet to Biarritz, Ibiza and Olbia are already bookable for summer 2010 bringing the number of destinations served to 19.

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  1. Charlie says:

    It’s getting increasingly annoying how airlines are adding new routes from Edinburgh but not Glasgow.

    Glasgow is home to 49% of Scotland’s entire population. Glasgow is the economic powerhouse of Scotland. Glasgow welcomes more international tourists than Edinburgh does. Glasgow is the ONLY city in the whole of Europe where hotel occupancy is up. Despite a recession, private investment is at an all time high in Glasgow. Despite a recession, major hotel chains are opening in Glasgow left right and centre, including Scotland’s first six star hotel. Grade A office space in Glasgow is at an all time high. Employment in Glasgow is at an all time high.

    Glasgow as a city is outperforming everywhere else in Europe, yet despite this our airport continues to lose out to an airport 50 miles away, serving a city you could fit inside Glasgow 13 times over!

    The sooner BAA’s monopoly is broken up the better. Glasgow International Airport should be keeping up with the city but under BAA, that is never going to happen.

    anna.aero replies: Can you actually back any of this up with sources of data (e.g. links to official data or other news sources)? It would make your claims rather more believable.

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