Nordic airports see growth returning; Billund, Copenhagen and Gothenburg report fastest growth in February; Iceland recovering

The Qatar Airways’ Doha-Copenhagen opening last week made it the first ‘MEB3’ airline to serve the  Scandinavian airport . Copenhagen remains the region’s busiest airport with 19.7 million passengers last year closely followed by Oslo with 18.1 million.

Airports in the Nordic region have gradually started reporting year-on-year traffic growth once more. For much of 2009 only Stockholm Skavsta amongst our basket of 12 Nordic airports reported consistent growth. However, in November seven of the 12 were reporting an increase in passenger numbers while in December it was only Helsinki and Stockholm Arlanda that were still reporting traffic declines. In February of this year the two Danish airports in our analysis were both reporting double-digit year-on-year growth.

Nordic airports Monthly year-on-year passenger growth: 1/07 to 3/10

Source: LFV, Avinor, Finavia, CPH Airport, Billund Airport, Keflavik Airport

Iceland sees traffic stabilise; many new routes starting this summer

The dramatic impact of the banking crisis in Iceland saw traffic at Keflavik Airport fall by almost 25% between 2007 and 2009. However, traffic at the airport has once again stabilised and during the last four months passenger numbers were up in three of them. Iceland Express plans to launch services to the US in June when it will begin serving Newark with a 757. Flights to Winnipeg are also scheduled to operate between the beginning of June and the end of August.

Other new services planned for this summer to Iceland’s busiest airport include airberlin to Berlin Tegel, Düsseldorf, and Munich; Icelandair to Brussels and Trondheim; Iceland Express to Birmingham, Milan Bergamo and Oslo; niki to Vienna and to Paris Orly.

Oslo narrows gap on Copenhagen; Helsinki gaining on Stockholm

For 2009 as a whole, Copenhagen remained the region’s busiest airport with 19.7 million passengers, though this was down 8% on 2008. Last week saw the launch of services to Doha with Qatar Airways from the airport as well as several new routes from Cimber Sterling. Oslo remained in second place with 18.1 million though its traffic was down just 6.5%. Stockholm Arlanda was once more in third place with 16.1 million passengers, down 11%, and saw its lead over fourth place Helsinki fall from 4.7 million passengers to 3.5 million.

From the end of April, Norwegian (which already has a presence at Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm Arlanda) will begin double-daily flights to Helsinki from both Oslo and Stockholm.

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    Well nice misstake, the HEL airport is downsized even smaller than RIX international airport with 2009 4.06 mln pax and probably this 2010 year even near at 5 mln pax

    “Stockholm Arlanda was once more in third place with 16.1 million passengers, down 11%, and saw its lead over fourth place Helsinki fall from 4.7 million passengers to 3.5 million”

  2. Nobody can help me find Iceland airports 2009 traffic staistics for other airports than Kelfavik.
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