30 Second Interview: Swedavia’s CEO Torborg Chetkovich

30 Seconds with Swedavia’s CEO
Torborg Chetkovich

Torborg Chetkovich, CEO of Swedavia

anna.aero’s Ross Falconer had 30 seconds spare and flew over to Stockholm to interview Torborg Chetkovich, CEO of Swedavia (please note how Ross carefully colour-coordinated his tie with Torborg’s blouse).

Swedavia, the company that runs most of Sweden’s airports, has a new CEO. anna.aero’s Ross Falconer flew over to Stockholm to interview Torborg Chetkovich to find out what’s going on in Scandinavia’s largest country.

Ross: What route opportunities do you see at your two largest airports, Stockholm Arlanda and Gothenburg Landvetter?

Torborg: There are still possibilities and demand for a number of European destinations out of Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and Göteborg Landvetter Airport that today require a transfer.

Ross: Are there any particular gaps in Sweden’s intercontinental network that you wish to highlight?

Torborg: Our ambition for Göteborg Landvetter Airport is to have direct services to one US major hub (preferably NYC), one Middle East hub and one Asian hub. For Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, our ambition is to establish direct services to the ten most important regions outside of Europe, and our top priorities are India (Delhi or Mumbai), Singapore and/or Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Tokyo and the US west coast.

Ross: Swedavia’s regional airports have attracted a limited number of foreign airlines, although airBaltic and airberlin have launched services to northern Sweden and Gotland this year. Is this a key growth market?

Torborg: Our key growth market is international traffic into Swedavia’s major airports, but we will also work with route development for the regional airports when there are opportunities in the market.

Ross: Stockholm Bromma has recently welcomed new international routes. Is the restricted airport available for more growth or has it reached its peak?

Torborg: There is a limited number of slots still available at Stockholm Bromma Airport.

Torborg Chetkovich, CEO of Swedavia

Since Ross flew back the same day, he didn’t get to stay in the ’Jumbo Hostel’ next door to Arlanda, which seems to have saddened him more than Torborg.

Ross: Has Arlanda seen a surge in the arrival of foreign ‘aircraft enthusiasts’ since the opening of the 747 hostel?

Torborg: The 747 Hostel has attracted a lot of attention in media all over the world. We do not keep track of the actual number of visitors, but I’m quite convinced that visitors in the Stockholm area take the opportunity to see it for themselves.


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    Ross! Next time you are in Stockholm, send me a mail and I will make sure you will experience the true Jumbo Stay:-) Regards Captain Oscar Dios

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