French market under the spotlight at FrenchConnect in Lille

Jean-Christophe Minot, CEO Lille Airport, welcomed French Connect delegates to the opening reception at Lille’s famous museum Palais des Beaux-Arts last night. Laurie Price, Mott MacDonald’s Director of Aviation Strategy and moderator at the conference, spoke with Andrew Davies, Birmingham Airport’s Head of Air Service Development, and’s Editor Ralph Anker.

With participating in this week’s FrenchConnect conference in Lille, our analysis of the French market takes the form of a downloadable pdf which contains the slides used in our editor’s presentation. The content includes:

  • Review of developments in the European air transport market in 2010
  • Size and growth of Europe’s leading LCCs
  • Traffic demand and trends in France compared with Germany, Italy, Spain and UK
  • Traffic development at French airports in 2010 (and 2011 so far)
  • French regional airport characteristics
  • Country market trends – summer 2011 v summer 2010
  • Domestic market analysis (fares comparison and traffic stimulation)
  • New routes from French airports in 2010 and analysis
  • Most interesting new routes announced so far from French airports in 2011

If you were unable to attend this year’s conference, hopefully this is the next best thing.’s presentation at FrenchConnect 2011 in Lille


  1. Timur says:

    Page 5 – LCCs still growing in 2010

    Pegasus Airlines to 8,6 million

  2. Timur says:

    6th largest LCC in Europe – Pegasus Airlines started Paris Orly, Marceille and Saint-Etienne services in 2010. It was not mentioned.

    (Page 19 – New French Airport Services
    Started Operating between 1 January and 31 December 2010)

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