Ryanair launches 46 new routes in one week; Greek airports see the most launches

Ryanair’s new Malta service from the Scottish airport

Together with Passenger Handling Agent Caroline McIlvanney, Glasgow Prestwick Airport’s CEO Iain Cochrane and South Ayrshire Council Provost Winnie Sloan joined the first passengers to check in for Ryanair’s new Malta service from the Scottish airport; Alfreda and Carmen Azzopardi from Zejtum, Malta. Cochrane said: “I’m delighted that Ryanair has introduced this great low-cost service which will definitely enhance tourism opportunities between Scotland and Malta. It’s set to be a great sunshine destination for Scots this summer.”

  • Ryanair launched an impressive 46 new routes in the last week. The new Manchester (MAN) operations stick out for having the highest frequencies and, in the case of the five weekly flights to Palma de Mallorca (PMI), it is notable that neither airport is a Ryanair base. The most new routes were, however, seen in Greece, where 21 of the new routes were launched. Spain follows with 14 of the routes launching at its airports, in its turn followed by the UK and Italy with 13 routes each.
Date Origin Destination WF* Competition (WF*)
17-Apr-11 Alicante (ALC) Brno (BRQ) 2
12-Apr-11 Alicante (ALC) Humberside (HUY) 2
13-Apr-11 Alicante (ALC) Manchester (MAN) 9 Monarch (12), Jet2.com (5), easyJet (5), Thomson (4), Thomas Cook (2)
13-Apr-11 Barcelona Girona (GRO) Lamezia Terme (SUF) 2
12-Apr-11 Bari (BRI) Kos (KGS) 2
13-Apr-11 Birmingham (BHX) Montpellier (MPL) 3
12-Apr-11 Bologna (BLQ) Kos (KGS) 2
14-Apr-11 Bologna (BLQ) Larnaca (LCA) 2
14-Apr-11 Bologna (BLQ) Rhodes (RHO) 2
13-Apr-11 Bremen (BRE) Rhodes (RHO) 2
16-Apr-11 Brussels Charleroi (CRL) Biarritz (BIQ) 2
13-Apr-11 Brussels Charleroi (CRL) Kos (KGS) 2
14-Apr-11 Brussels Charleroi (CRL) Lamezia Terme (SUF) 3
14-Apr-11 Brussels Charleroi (CRL) Thessaloniki (SKG) 3
15-Apr-11 Cagliari (CAG) Rhodes (RHO) 2
13-Apr-11 Faro (FAO) Manchester (MAN) 6 Monarch (8), Jet2.com (5), Thomson (2)
14-Apr-11 Frankfurt Hahn (HHN) Rhodes (RHO) 2
12-Apr-11 Frankfurt Hahn (HHN) Thessaloniki (SKG) 2
14-Apr-11 Glasgow Prestwick (PIK) Malta (MLA) 2
16-Apr-11 Kaunas (KUN) Kos (KGS) 2
12-Apr-11 Kaunas (KUN) Rhodes (RHO) 2
12-Apr-11 Lanzarote (ACE) Valladolid (VLL) 1
13-Apr-11 Liverpool (LPL) Kos (KGS) 2
14-Apr-11 Liverpool (LPL) Rhodes (RHO) 2 easyJet (1)
14-Apr-11 London Stansted (STN) Rhodes (RHO) 3 From May: Thomson (1)
15-Apr-11 London Stansted (STN) Rijeka (RJK) 2
13-Apr-11 London Stansted (STN) Thessaloniki (SKG) 3
13-Apr-11 Madrid (MAD) Manchester (MAN) 4
13-Apr-11 Manchester (MAN) Palma de Mallorca (PMI) 5 Monarch (8), Jet2.com (5), Thomson (5), easyJet (2), bmibaby (2), Thomas Cook (1)
13-Apr-11 Milan Bergamo (BGY) Lanzarote (ACE) 2
14-Apr-11 Oslo Rygge (RYG) Kos (KGS) 2
12-Apr-11 Oslo Rygge (RYG) Thessaloniki (SKG) 2
15-Apr-11 Paris Beauvais (BVA) Beziers (BZR) 4
15-Apr-11 Reus (REU) Palermo (PMO) 2
14-Apr-11 Stockholm Skavsta (NYO) Kaunas (KUN) 3
14-Apr-11 Stockholm Skavsta (NYO) Lamezia Terme (SUF) 2
12-Apr-11 Stockholm Skavsta (NYO) Rhodes (RHO) 2
15-Apr-11 Stockholm Skavsta (NYO) Rijeka (RJK) 2
14-Apr-11 Stockholm Skavsta (NYO) Thessaloniki (SKG) 2
14-Apr-11 Tenerife Sur (TFS) Karlsruhe-Baden (FKB) 2
13-Apr-11 Tenerife Sur (TFS) Manchester (MAN) 4 Monarch (11), Thomson (8), Thomas Cook (7), easyJet (5), Jet2.com (2)
13-Apr-11 Tenerife Sur (TFS) Zaragoza (ZAZ) 2 Air Europa (1)
13-Apr-11 Trapani (TPS) Lamezia Terme (SUF) 3
15-Apr-11 Trapani (TPS) Rhodes (RHO) 2
15-Apr-11 Weeze (NRN) Larnaca (LCA) 2
17-Apr-11 Weeze (NRN) Rhodes (RHO) 1
*WF: Weekly Frequency

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